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Sets/Masks for sale

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Hey guys, I have a bunch of sets, masks and instructions I’m willing to sell/trade. These sets contain all correct pieces as listed on toysperiod.com, unless otherwise noted. All pieces are in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted. I also have a small assortment of extra pieces, so if you need any extra parts I can also include whatever you may need; I’ll let you know if I have it. All prices are posted beside the listed sets and are in Canadian dollars (now’s your chance to take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar haha). I accept Paypal and ship internationally. Trades for sets will take priority over selling for money. Feel free to negotiate pricing, especially if you’re making a large order or including a trade.



1389 Onepu (missing disk) x 3: $3 each

1390 Macku x 1: $5

1391 Jala (missing disk) x 1: $5

8532 Toa Onua x 1: $5

8533 Toa Gali (missing kanohi) x 1: $5

8561 Bohrok Nuhvok (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8562 Bohrok Gahlok  (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8563 Bohrok Tahnok (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8564 Bohrok Lehvak (Krana Ca) x 1: $7

8565 Bohrok Kohrak (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8568 Toa Nuva Pohatu Nuva x 1: $5

8571 Toa Nuva Kopaka Nuva (missing shield) x 2: $5 each

8557 Exo-Toa x 1 (MIB, box opened, bags sealed): $100

8573 Bohrok-Kal Nuhvok-Kal (Krana Bo-Kal) x 1: $7

8573 Bohrok-Kal Nuhvok-Kal (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8574 Bohrok-Kal Tahnok-Kal (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8575 Bohrok-Kal Kohrak-Kal (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8577 Bohrok-Kal Pahrak-Kal (missing krana and green elastic) x 1: $5

8577 Bohrok-Kal Pahrak-Kal (Krana Ca-Kal) x 1: $7

8587 Rahkshi Panrahk x 1: $7

8587 Rahkshi Panrahk (missing kraata) x 2: $5 each

8588 Rahkshi Kurahk (missing kraata) x 1: $5

8589 Rahkshi Lerahk (missing kraata) x 1: $5

8589 Rahkshi Lerahk x 1: $7

8590 Rahkshi Guurahk x 3: $7 each

8591 Rahkshi Vorahk x 3: $7 each

8596 Takanuva (figure only, no Ussanui. The mask is a little worn) x 1: $5

8601 Toa Metru Vakama x 2: $8 each

8604 Toa Metru Onewa x 1: $8

8605 Toa Metru Matau x 2: $8 each

8606 Toa Metru Nuju x 1: $8

8607 Nuhrii x 1: $5

8607 Nuhrii (missing kanoka) x 1: $4

8609 Tehutti x 1: $5

8614 Vahki Nuurakh (missing kanoka) x 3: $5 each

8615 Vahki Bordakh (missing kanoka) x 3: $5 each

8616 Vahki Vorzakh (missing kanoka) x 3: $5 each

8618 Vahki Rorzakh (missing 1 staff and kanoka) x 1: $4

8619 Vahki Keerakh (missing kanoka) x 3: $5 each

8811 Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo x 1: $40

4879 Rahaga Iruini (missing gold rhotuka) x 1: $5

8736 Toa Hordika Vakama x 2: $5 each

8740 Toa Hordika Matau x 2: $5 each

8743 Visorak Boggarak (missing elastic and rhotuka) x 1: $5

8744 Visorak Oohnorak (missing elastic and rhotuka) x 1: $5

8762 Toa Hagah Iruini x 1: $10

8762 Toa Hagah Iruini (missing gold rhotuka and black ripcord) x 1: $7

8756 Sidorak x 1: $20

8903 Piraka Zaktan x 1: $8

8905 Piraka Thok x 1: $8

8727 Toa Inika Jaller x 1: $8

8729 Toa Inika Nuparu (missing red light sabre) x 2: $5

8730 Toa Inika Hewkii x 1: $8

8730 Toa Inika Hewkii (missing chain) x 1: $5

8733 Axonn x 1: $30

8910 Toa Mahri Kongu (missing trans-neon green dome on back of head) x 1: $5

8911 Toa Mahri Jaller (missing chain and cordak bullets) x 1: $5

8916 Barraki Takadox x 1: $7

8917 Barraki Kalmah x 2: $7 each

8919 Barraki Mantax (missing small black tentacle on arm) x 1: $5

8920 Barraki Ehlek x 2: $7 each

8947 Radiak x 1: $5

8687 Phantoka Pohatu x 1: $10

8692 Phantoka Vamprah x 1: $5

8693 Phantoka Chirox x 1: $5

8689 Mistika Tahu x 2: $10 each

8991 Tuma (missing helmet) x 1: $25

3541 Lego Hockey Slap Shot (missing white helmet) x 1: $2








INSTRUCTION MANUALS FOR SALE ($1 each) (I have many more than this, I just haven’t gone through them yet so if there’s one in particular you’re looking for just make a request):

8728 Toa Inika Hahli x 1

8911 Toa Mahri Jaller x 1

8689 Mistika Tahu x 1

8978 Glatorian Skrall x 1

Pictures: http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll198/CheezeyGood/BZPower%20Pics/IMG_3537.jpg

I have a bunch of other instruction manuals as well; if there’s one in particular you’re looking for just ask.



Trans-Red Kaukau x 1

Blue Pakari x 1

Blue Akaku x 1

Brown Hau x 1

Brown Miru x 1

Brown Akaku x 1

Black Akaku x 1

Trans-Blue Ruru x 1

Silver Miru x 1

Gold Kakama x 1

Blue Akaku Nuva x 1

Black Kakama Nuva x 1

Black Akaku Nuva x 1

White Kaukau Nuva x 1

Pictures: http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll198/CheezeyGood/BZPower%20Pics/IMG_3898.jpg


Feel free to make me an offer on anything. I’m really pushing for trades here, so if you have any of the following I’ll give you a large discount on your purchase (or just make it free).




Complete sets (boxes and instructions aren’t necessary but would be awesome):

1441 Fikou (sealed in bag)

8539 Manas

8582 Matoro

8586 Macku

8621 Turaga Dume and Nivawk

8721 Velika

8723 Piruk

8725 Balta

8929 Defilak

8930 Dekar

10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set

8769 Visorak’s Gate



I am looking for any of the Kanohi that are not filled in with a green circle.




This piece in mata red: https://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?P=6538&name=Technic,%20Axle%20Connector%20(Ridged%20Undetermined%20Type)&category=%5BTechnic,%20Connector%5D#T=S&C=5&O={"color":5}

Tahnok-Kal Canister (no set or instructions)

Pahrak-Kal Canister (no set or instructions)

Kohrak-Kal Canister (no set or instructions)

Guurahk Canister (no set or instructions)

Hordika Nokama Instructions (no set or canister)

Hordika Onewa Instructions (no set or canister)

Keelerak Instructions (no set or canister)

Roporak Canister & Instructions (no set)

Trans-Red Kanoka

Rahaga Norik’s Red Spinner with code

Rahaga Kualus’s White Spinner with code

Toa Norik’s Red Spinner without code

Black/Silver Marbled Rhotuka Spinner

Bley Rhotuka Spinner

Any Slizers/Throwbots Sets

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pm sent

                                           S    Q       U    I       D     M     A     S     T     E    R


check out my imgur gallery for bionicle photography: https://mahatparthiban.imgur.com/all/

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I would be interested in all five of the tohunga.

I still have them, send me a PM with an offer! :)


A bit late, but do you still have any of those guys?

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I would be interested in all five of the tohunga.

I still have them, send me a PM with an offer! :)


A bit late, but do you still have any of those guys?


The Tohunga? I still have all five, Gonny hasn't sent me an offer yet. I do have another buyer interested in the Jala figure but the other four haven't been spoken for. Send me a PM!

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