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WMKK, Misprints, Full Kanohi Nuva Set + Much More

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*MODS! Please close my older topic, if it is still active. It didn't show up on my feed.*


Been very busy the past couple months and honestly forgot I was trying to sell things here. I've revised/lowered prices; This stuff needs to all go ASAP.

I believe I got back to everyone who PM'd me prior. But as of now, everything listed is still available. Shoot me a message for whatever catches your eye and let's get some transactions rolling!


*6/14 UPDATE*



- Various Kanohi from the toa mata/turaga/toa nuva $3 each

- Various Krana and Krana Kal $0.60 each



- Turaga(NO BOXES OR INSTRUCTIONS) $4 each/ $15 for all

  • Whenua
  • Onewa
  • Nuju
  • Matau


- 2004 Matoran(NO BOXES OR INSTRCUTIONS OR DISCS) $4 each/ $20 for all

  • Nuhrii
  • Vhisola
  • Tuhutti
  • Ahkmou
  • Orkahm
  • Ehrye

- Toa Metru $5 each/ $25 for all

  • Vakama
  • Onewa
  • Nokama
  • Nuju

- 2002 Boxor (NO BOX OR INSTRUCTIONS) $15




- White Metal Krana Kal *1 of 5000* $175

Full Set of Misprints $200 

- Copper Huna and Komau $10/$15 respectively

- Vahi $5

- Trans Green Miru $3

- Full set of Kanohi Nuva + Proto Silver set $160



- All 6 Toa Mata (Have canisters; No instructions; Can labels peeled) $7 each/$30 for all

- All 6 Toa Nuva (Have canisters; No instructions) $7 each/$30 for all

- All 6 Bohrok $6 each/ $25 for all

- All 6 Bohrok Kal $7 each/$30 for all

- All 6 Bohrok Va $5 each/$20 for all

- All 6 McDonalds Matoran (No bag or instructions) $20

- Cahdok & Gahdok (No box or instructions) $50

- Exo-Toa (No box or instructions, no launcher projectile) $25

- Makuta (No box or instructions) $20

- Takanuva (No box or instructions) $20

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Would you be willing to sell proto kanohi nuva individually?

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I would be willing to buy the full set of Proto Nuva mask, if possible. Not the entire collection, just the 6 proto nuva masks.

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Updated the pics and listings. Much of the "rare" items have been sold. Still a lot of various masks and krana available + 2004 Toa & Matoran, Boxor, etc.

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I'm interested in an infected hau, the black huna, the gold hau, the proto hau nuva, the proto pakari nuva and the turaga please

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