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Elemental Master Identity Problems

Ninjago Elemental Masters

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#1 Offline Wiriamu

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Posted Jun 29 2017 - 10:05 PM

So with the conclusion of the seventh season of Ninjago recently, we're all left wondering what will become of Wu, the Time Twins, and the Vermillion; how the ninja will move forward with Lloyd filling the role of Master; and when the new Samurai X will drop the act and be revealed as P.I.X.A.L. already (the only acceptable alternative, in my opinion, being that it's really Seliel from the Who is the Phantom Ninja? graphic novel finally coming to television). However, the season also raised some questions through its depiction of the Elemental Masters of the past, who appeared both in flashback and due to time travel.


The most pressing question is with regards to the previous Elemental Master of Earth, and where he stands in relation to Cole. Given that he appears to be roughly equivalent in age to Ray, Maya, and Jay's as-yet unnamed mother, it would make the most sense for him to be Cole's father. Problem is, Cole's father has already been identified as Lou, leader of the Royal Blacksmiths quartet, who has demonstrated no hints of history as an Elemental Master. Most likely explanations for this are that either he IS the former Elemental Master of Earth and the writers simply haven't written it into the series yet, or he himself might be related to this former master. Going off the weird timeline/aging process associated with the Elemental Masters of old, it would seem most likely that he could either have been the Master's son and already born at the time of the battle with Acronix and Krux, with Lou having Cole around the time that Kai and Cole were born to his father's comrades, or else possibly the brother of the Master of Earth, both of them being sons of a previous Master of Earth with Lou's bloodline allowing Cole to inherit the powers.


The second question comes with regard to an Elemental Master of Ninja with no relation to the present group of ninja-in fact, the question is who IS he related to. I'm referring to an Elemental Master who has been seen wearing a gray helmet, some armor with his brown clothing, and carries a spear. Now, previously I've seen some consider this guy the Elemental Master of Gravity, due to his ability to float in the air, and thus an ancestor of the turban wearing and highly unoriginally named Gravis. However, during the most recent season, when he first appears in a group lineup with the Elemental Masters, Wu's list of acknowledged Elemental Powers includes not Gravity, but Metal. Considering that Karloff, the current Master of Metal, uses his powers to encase himself in metal all Marvel's Colossus style, it makes me wonder if this gentleman may not have been the previous Master of Metal utilizing his powers in a fashion more like Magneto, manipulating the metal he wears to lift himself off the ground.


Also, it'd be kind of nice to know how the previous Master of Ice-whose clothing gives me a real Inuit vibe-passed his powers down to Zane, given that Zane's...a robot, while the Master appears human.

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