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Who is Sir Adric? 

How is he related to Kentis, King Jayko, Karzon, Dracus, Vladek, or the other Knights?


Does he hail from a Kingdom in Morcia, or has he journeyed from beyond?


Does he have a superpower like the other Knights? 

Why or why not?


Why does he wield an Axe? 

Was he never taught swordsmanship, or is this a deliberate choice that reflects an aspect of his character? Efficiency? Intimidation? Brutality?


Why does he fight? 

Does he truly wish to protect his King and his people and end the suffering caused by Vladek’s tyranny? 

Or is he merely compelled to fight out of his pledges as a Knight, perhaps forgoing his other duties to do so?

Does he obtain liberation from performing his tasks to the utmost of his ability, or is he in reality just a slave to a system that will never let him get what he wants? 




Guess we’ll never get to know, will we?



This is the result of me asking myself the question: ‘What would a Knight’s Kingdom creation look like?’ 


As well as relying on parts unique to the theme, I sought to emulate the basic click-jointed-brick construction fundamental to those figures released between 2004 and 2006.


Though in this instance I didn’t just want to make a Bionicle with Knight's Kingdom pieces, after obtaining a bunch I’m definitely going to in the future – some real neat metallic colours.
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For Honor season 4 is looking great.


In all due seriousness, this MOC is genuinely convincing as a guy in a suit of armor. It's better than what Lego ended up selling in nearly every way.

Rule #1: Always listen to Kek.

Rule #2: If you break rule #1, kindly don't.


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