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Radiant Condor - 3x Creature Combiner Model

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In Okoto’s Region of Stone, a villager might be minding his own business when the expanse of sand around them suddenly erupts into a great shimmering sea of many colours

The rays of the great hot sun that beat incessantly down upon the desert are reflected and refracted into the full lustrous spectrum of red to purple, immersing their hunched silhouette in a sheen of breath-stopping prismatic radiance. 


More-often-than-not, the villager will then look up, flip off a rude gesture with a cussword, then ensure that any food they brought with them is well out of sight.


These semi-intelligent vulture-like beings have earned a reputation amongst the locals as a pest that acts purely in its own interest. 

As well as food and territory (anything its rays touch is the Condor’s, according to the Condor), specimens of both genders are constantly aware of their appearance and are always searching (or fighting) for shiny trinkets and spare parts to add to their glittering mantles.


When they aren’t at the nearest waterhole admiring their own reflection (if they can find a puddle that isn’t too muddy), there will always be some scrounging through houses or harassing Villagers and their livestock.

Fortunately, when this happens all it needs to send it packing is a bit of humility - a commodity locals are more than happy to dispense …in the form of manure and DustHog droppings.



This is a combiner model that is built solely from the pieces contained in 71303 Ikir, 71304 Terak and 71301 Ketar, the Creatures of Fire, Earth, and Stone.


After a Mech, Tahtorak, and Dragon, I decided to go for a humanoid of sorts, which was both fun and difficult since the Creatures contained few of the conventional limbs and torsos (not to mention connectors) one would generally rely on.


I’m quite happy with how this turned out. I’m especially pleased with the head and torso, and I think I did a decent job applying each set’s various key pieces (though I couldn’t quite get bear-trap armour to work, sadly) and grouping the plentitude of gold, orange and purple together.


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