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In The Shadow Of The Ancients

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So far most of my creations shared here or on my Flickr were characters and mainly humanoid with very few exceptions. I wanted to do something different for a while now and this idea was floating in my head for some time, so I went ahead and built it. The Matoran with the pipe were added at the very end of the process. While the large hand doesn't correspond with any species in the Bionicle lore, I do intend it as an actual hand of an actual being, not as a statue. This would be located somewhere among the reformed Spherus Magna's mountainous regions.






The dead hunk from rock reaches ever to the heavens.
Does it grab, believing it has a right to the stars,
Or does it plead and hope eternally?
It matters not no longer, as today all the hand provides,
Is respite for a weary traveler resting
In the shadow of the ancients
As always, more pictures are found in the Flickr album and all comments and criticisms are welcome.
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:kakama: Stone rocks :kakama:

I write stories, which you can read at A Beach, Somewhere. My MOCs can be found on Flickr and Instagram

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