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Hapori Tohu

LEGO Dimensions Ending Its Run?

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News has broken recently that LEGO Dimensions, the toys-to-life game made by TT Games and LEGO, may be coming to a close. Eurogamer shared a fairly lengthy article going into the history of the game, what it achieved, and why it seems likely that the recently-released waves will be the last. I can't say I had a lot of fun playing LEGO Dimensions, as I ran into technical issues early on, but I have always hoped to go back to it at some point (and may still yet, even if there will be no more packs). How about you? Let us know about your experiences with the game and your thoughts on this news in the Talkback!


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Good riddance honestly. Lego Dimensions was an awesome concept and I loved finally getting some Doctor Who and Portal figures, and the gameplay was pretty fun, but the packs have just been getting stranger and stranger. It's like Lego has been splitting the audience between AFOLs and young kids and trying to cater to both. Ending the run of packs would be a merciful death. Besides, it's not like you can't keep using the existing packs and complete your playthrough. I've got all the packs I wanted anyway.

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The toys-to-life concept has never sat well with me. You take a potentially great game and split it up into dozens of expensive little packages, just so your shareholders can make ten times the profit. Only in this case it completely backfired, and lost a whole bunch of money instead. Toys-to-life was never a sustainable genre in the long run, no more than the plastic instrument music games that peaked a decade ago. Warner Brothers Interactive clearly were gambling that they could make a decent profit before the bubble burst, and they lost the bet.

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I mean, still no official confirmation, just a leaked internal email, but it's pretty clear Dimensions was nearing the end. Shame we never got the Lord Voltec fig.


I found the gameplay enjoyable, for the most part, and it was fun being able to play from a wide selection of characters. In lots of ways, this was a testing ground for licensed characters that were never going to make it to real sets but had lots of support from Cuusso/Ideas. But the whole thing is just waaaaaaaaaay too expensive. The elements in each pack hardly warrant their prices, but to unlock certain gameplay features you just HAD to have a lot of characters, so the costs stacked up. (I was only able to get in on the action when everything went on steep discounts last holiday season.) Certain levels were great, like Dr. Who, Portal, and Fantastic Beasts, and I liked playing as all the classic Ninjago characters too. Worthwhile... but only when you get most of the packs for 50% off.



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I knew and afraid that we are going to talk about this tragic idea.:(


There is still no official confirmation, but it seems so, I’m afraid.


For my experience with the game, I have a very great time playing. It’s fun to scavenger hunt expansion packs to play as more characters, drive more vehicles, and play more content. I got Waves 1-7, and I’m planning to get Waves 8-9 soon, too.:) I loved the story. It’s so epic, fun, and funny. It’s awesome that you can play as characters from 30 franchises, and see some of them working together in the main story.:) I wished that Lego Dimensions could have or could do more. Like putting more worlds in the main story and give Level Packs to franchises that don’t.


There are some things that Lego Dimensions may have problems with, and they are:

1. Expensive stuff

2. Not everybody is interested in some of the franchises that we have in the game now. Plus, people may be expecting something else from the game, instead.

3. Not every franchise in the game are equal in terms of content. There’s also other characters who could have potential to have their own packs.

4. Year 2 has less Packs than Year 1.

5. I don’t think the Story Packs are necessary.

6. The game should stick with sequels, like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

7. Maybe the sales aren’t good.

8. Lego is not good at doing priorities in this decade for some reason.


If the continuation of the game is getting cancellated, then it’s unfair. I wish that the game would and could include these franchises that I would like it to include:

1. Marvel (TT Games makes those)

2. Star Wars (TT Games makes those)

3. Indiana Jones (TT Games made those)

4. Bionicle

5. Hero Factory

6. Nexo Knights

7. Steven Universe

8. Pixar movies worked with Disney

9. Shrek

10. Angry Birds

11. Hotel Transylvania

12. Ice Age movies in 2002-2016

13. Dexter's Laboratory

14. Other Cartoon Network shows (Mainly OK K.O., The Secret Saturdays, Samurai Jack, Regular Show, and Codename: Kids Next Door)

15. How to Train Your Dragon movies

16. Xialon Showdown

17. Madagascar

18. Kung Fu Panda

19. Captain Underpants (I loved the movie)

20. Classic Disney movies and Kingdom Hearts (You could combine them, though)

21. Mixels

22. Disney Channel and Disney XD TV shows (Mainly Kim Possible, American Dragon, Phineas & Ferb)

23. Ben 10 (Lego made sets for it)

24. The Hobbit movies in 2012-2014


There are other franchises in mind, which I'm not sure, but I would like Lego Dimensions to include:

1. Nickelodeon shows (mainly SpongeBob SquarePants (Lego made sets for it), Avatar: The Last Airbender (Lego made sets for it), The Legend of Korra, Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron and Planet Sheen, Danny Phantom, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Barnyard, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Bunsen is a Beast, Breadwinners, Henry Danger, and The Thundermans)

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Lego made sets for it)

3. Transformers (It needs to get out often now)

4. Despicable Me


I also want that Lord Vortech Pack that some people have been talking about. The game’s main story even left a cliffhanger.


I know that's a lot, but if Lego Dimensions continues successfully, it could have Years 3-4-5.


I said these because I feel that Lego Dimensions could have the potential to include them.


Overall, it seems very sad that the continuation of the game is getting cancellation. Again, not saying it is. It just looks like it.:(

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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It really does suck year 3 won't happen. This was a great way to release licensed minifigures that otherwise would never see a release. Maybe they'll use their collectable minifigures line to do this more often but there was so many great figures that could have been. Maybe if the toys to life market ever sees a resurgence an LD 2 may release but I doubt it. This keeps happening with Lego. They try to cash in on a trending market and then always come in too late to the game to make much money (need I remind everyone of Lego universe and the attempts at a Lego MMO after that). Maybe someday Lego can fix their track record with that.

It's time to move on.

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Happy Trails Lego Dimensions. 


I feel compelled to defend the game from the other pointed and negative responses.  I enjoyed Year 1.  I wasn't there as much for Year 2, but this was probably the best toys to life system. 


Things I liked: 

1) The interactions.  It was worth getting some sets just to see what snippet of dialogue they would exchange with the figures you have.  Like Green Arrow casting a suspicious eye at Capt. Jack Harkness in Dr. Who's adventure world.  Or DC Batman and Lego Batman having a brood-off.  Dr. Who and Doc Brown smack talking the others time machine. It's the one thing Dimensions has over Amiibo, Infinity and Skylanders.  The toys interacted with each other gave the game a richer feel. 


2) The actors:  The overwhelming majority of the characters were voiced by their original actors.  Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown, Emma Watson played Hermione, Allison Brie played Unikitty.  Obviously you couldn't get the cast of Wizard of Oz and the Simpson was noticably silent outside of Castellenta's Homer, but original GLaDOS and Missy were wonderful. 


3) Clever details:  The thing that kept me playing Year 1 was all the clever details they packed into the game.  Like in Dr. Who's world you had to sync the various section to present day London. Or in Hill Valley, you could travel back and forth between 1885, 1985 and 2015, with action in the past effecting the present and future. Or the final level of Midway's expansion is playing out Paperboy. And its great to play those 80's arcade games like Joust and Spyhunter. Or hear Wonder Woman's theme when she takes off.  Or using the Tardis in the Simpson levels to go to Bedrock in Story Mode and the Jetson's Orbit City in the Level Pack. 


4) The marketing:  I loved the chain story of launch campaign.  Someone received a box, put the portal together and next commercial they delivered to the next guy.  I also liked the 'Meet the Hero' bits they used in Year 2. 


Things I didn't like: 

1)  Year 1 sheer volume: There was just so many franchises.  I would have pared them down to a dozen or so and brought the rest in on Year 2 and Year 3.  Some clearly had no where to go like Jurassic World, Chima and Wizard of Oz. 


2) Sound bites: Dimensions used voice actors for most, but for others they used clips from their movies and the change in quality made it stick out.  Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Ghostbusters especially sounded stiff compared to the the others.  I wouldn't have minded stand in voices for them like Marty McFly for Michael Knight. 



I think Lego Dimensions succumb to the 'Gourmet Cupcake' scenario.  They created a high-end product for a market that couldn't support it.  The sets themselves are equal to Lego's high standards.  But developing the game and all those details must have been a grueling labor of love. But I don't consider it a failure. I'd easily take Lego Sonic who cracks wise about the Doctor naming a screwdriver after him over the Amiibo version any day. 

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