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Scariest Bionicle characters? 2

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Hi, guys! Since Halloween is coming, which Bionicle character do you guys think is the scariest? For me, here's my list:

1. The Bahrag

2. 2003 Makuta Teridax

3. Ultimate Dume

4. The Kardas Dragon

5. Gadunka

6. The 2008 Makuta

7. Tuma

8. Vorox

9. The Skopio living creature that Mata Nui faced in The Legend Reborn

10. The Lord of Skull Spiders

11. Umarak the Hunter/Destroyer

12. The Barraki

13. The Piraka

14. Karzahni

15. The Kraata from Mask of Light


So, what about you guys?:)


P.S.: A glitch made this copy of my topic for some strange reason. Can anyone please get rid of this one or something?

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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