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This is from back in September, actually. Yes, the 'R' is wrong, I forgot to fix it. ^_^' Ths was more of a concept-y sketch anyway, because I realized that in all those years I cannot remember having ever drawn a Rahkshi before. I wanted to go for something more 'alien', and maybe for once try to translate the Rahaga head into something more stylized rather than just drawing it as-is.


This was done in ballpoint pen, then shaded with a pencil because it was just so. Confusing. I guess it still is, but IMO it looks better now, even though the style is somewhat different from what I usually do?


As always, feedback would be very appreciated. ^_^

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 SKR Profile: Zsann || My art collection topic - updated! (30/06/2020)

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I like it! It looks like halfway between a Rahkshi and a Bohrok. The shading looks cool, it almost looks like done with a gray copic marker. I love sketch-y things (it is my opinion that a sketch is way more vibrant and "alive" than a clean lineart).

Always glad to see drawings from you! :)


EDIT: Oops, didn't see the date of the topic...

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