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Hapori Tohu

LEGO Wins Case Against Chinese Knock Off Brand

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In the LEGO fan community, we have low tolerance for non-LEGO brick building brands. Sure, fan-made products like custom minifigs and accessories are beloved by many, but when a brand tries to harm The LEGO Group, we will not stand for it. Which is why the latest ruling in China against BELA is such a victory. As the press release reveals, two Chinese companies had been infringing upon TLG's products, packaging, and logos, and the ruling protects TLG's identity. Check out the whole report for the full effect of the court's ruling.


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As a fan of LEGO, I am very happy due to this recent news. The amount of bootlegging going on is despicable, and the outcome of this case should show to all conning companies to not even try this, lest there will be legal action.

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I do appreciate non-Lego building block brands for doing brick built sets that Lego itself can't or won't do, like building set versions of competing toy brands or obscure/mature themes that Lego would not touch.


But there is no room for straight-up knock-offs or bootlegs. It's great that Lego got this victory. 

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