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Can someone rip the Tales of the Tohunga/Quest for the Toa sprites?

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So in working on that alternate model database project, there's cataloging and attempting to build some of the Rahi seen in the GBA game Tales of the Tohunga/Quest for the Toa. Except there doesn't seem to be a full sprite ripping of the Rahi enemies from that game to work with that I know of (not just the main images as seen on Biosector01). I also heard something of Brakas imagery being found in the game files but is that accurate and meaning sprite imagery? 

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Some cool Bionicles are the combiners. Example: Toa Jovan

I've built a Krahka with 5 Toa Metru & Toa Norik, adding parts I needed to Norik. It needs 11 blue pieces (the ones that have +&O ends) but there's only 10 in all the Toa Metru sets. Do I have to attach her launcher to her arm? Please PM me if you can help me.


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