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A Corpus Rahkshi Christmas

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Far far away, in a quiet Matoran village, Nomar and Cives were sleeping soundly in their beds.  Well, Nomar was, Cives was wide awake.  It was Christmas eve! Cives couldn’t wait for Santa to come and deliver presents. He rolled over and whispered, “Are you awake?”


“Yes,” Nomar grumbled, amazed at his friend's stupidity. “I am now.”


“I haven’t been able to fall asleep, do you think Santa has come yet?”


“No” Nomar said flatly.


“Why not? It’s past midnight!”


“He won’t come until you fall asleep.”


“But I can’t!” There was a hint of desperation in Cives’ voice. “I’m too excited”


Nomar rolled over again, “Just relax and be patient.”


“Ok,” Cives said sheepishly. He remained quiet and after what felt like hours of tossing and turning sleep finally crept into his eyes. He never expected what came next.






Both matoran quickly sat up in bed.


“What was that?” Whispered Nomar.


“Maybe it is Santa!” Cives said quite loudly.


“Shhh!” Hissed Nomar. “Be quiet.”


Bump, bump, bump. Something was walking across the roof, headed for the chimney. It descended into the house with a thump!


“Let’s go check it out!” said Cives.


“Ok,” Whispered Nomar, “But be quiet and stay behind me.” He pulled out a lightstone and they crept to the door. Both matoran peered out into the hall. Seein it was empty and completely silent, they tip-toed to the living room. In the dim light they saw a huge shape lying on the floor. Cives gasped, and the shape began to stir. It stood up slowly, it had large spines running down it’s back, a small snake like head, and a huge, muscular, hunchbacked body. Although  they had never seen anything like it they knew exactly what it was.

“Rahkshi!” They screamed as they bolted for the door, but their path was blocked by another, smaller Rahkshi. Before they could react it knocked them both out with it’s staff.


“You need to be more careful Xara,” Hoto, the smaller Rahkshi said in a strange, hissing, language. “You must have woken these two up.”


“It’s not my fault that they are light sleepers!” Xara snapped back.


Hoto eyed a plate of cookies. “Do you think he has been here?”


“Let’s find out.” Xara picked up a gift from under the christmas tree, shook it, then tore it open with one swift motion.  Out fell a Kanohi Hau, it was a sickly green color with patches of orange rust, not the most impressive gift.


“What a cunning plan,” Xara mused. “Place these infected masks under the tree. Then when the Matoran wake up they will rush out, tear open their presents, then you have your own personal army.


“That’s why our friends are combing the village,” Hoto said. “”We will catch him.”


“I know,” sighed Xara, “But do we really have to climb down every single chimney?”




Meanwhile, down the street two more Rahkshi, with markings showing their powers of poison and teleportation respectively, were also going house to house, but they were having considerably less trouble. The teleportation Rahkshi was staring at a window. He screwed up his face, then suddenly vanished and reappeared inside the house. He then Reached into his bag and pulled out a package, placing it carefully under the tree before teleporting out of the house.


“How much longer must we do this, Master Poly?” The teleportation Rahkshi said to his companion. “I am getting tired...”


Poly gave him a cold stare. “I want an infected mask on every matoran in this village, so don’t stop until you have visited every house!” He slapped the other Rahkshi in the face. “Unless you want to be Floor in more than name.”


“S-sorry, master,” Floor stammered as he knelt on the ground.


“Good, now get back to work!”


Floor turned and prepared to teleport into the next house.


Poly’s face twisted into a cruel smirk. He scanned the sky. An ice bat flew past, but otherwise the night was silent. Little did Poly know that ice bat had a mission, and a name. Ivan fluttered across the rooftops away from the villains towards his master Vlad, who was struggling to pull himself out of a chimney. Vlad was a Rahkshi of hunger, although he didn’t look like it, since he had painted himself bright gold. He flopped out of the chimney and Ivan landed on his shoulder.


“Vat is it Ivan? Have you found zem?”


The bat made a chirping noise, shaking it’s head up and down.


“Ok, lead the vay, just one zecond…” He turned to the chimney and helped pull out another Rahkshi who was armed only with a large shield. “Ivan has found the villains!”


The other Rahkshi smiled, “Let's go get them!” They took off, soaring over the rooftop until…




Poly heard the sound of something flying through the air. “Hide,” he hissed at Floor. Floor teleported into an alleyway and Poly hid himself in the shadows of a porch.


Vlad and Shield came in for a smooth landing, “You said zey vere here?” Vlad asked his pet, “I don’t see anybody.”


“Thy might still be nearby,” Shield replied. “I’ll go this way, you go that way.”  The two Rahkshi spit up. Poly smiled and began to follow Vlad. Floor got the message and stepped out of his alleyway once Shield passed him. Floor smiled and shifted the weight of his bag, letting it slide off his back. The presents inside shuffled. Vlad’s ears picked up the sound and he spun shouting “Look out Shield!” Poly leaped at Vlad, not bothering to draw a weapon. Shield spun, and Floor smacked him in the face with the bag of presents. The fight was on.




Up on the housetop Hoto paused, She heard banging and shouting. Looking around, she caught sight of the fight going down the street. “Xara, I’m going to check that out.” Xara was trying to haul herself out of the chimney. “Hoto wait!” It was too late, Hoto had already taken off. “Oh, well,” Xara mumbled, “I guess I may as well send the signal.” She pointed her hand into the sky and launched off a bolt of chain lightning.


Meanwhile, the fight wasn’t going too well. Vlad and Poly were pretty evenly matched, considering both of their powers required physical contact, but Floor had already knocked Shield out with his bag of gifts. Vlad was outnumbered. The two other Rahkshi circled him, looking for an opening. Poly lunged, and Hoto dived, striking Poly in the head with her staff. Poly fell on the ground, and Hoto lunged to pin him.


“Don’t” Vlad shouted, tackling Hoto to protect her from Poly’s poisonous touch.


Floor decided it was time to make his exit, he turned and sprinted down the street only to find his path blocked by two more Rahkshi. Screwing up his face again he concentrated, and instantly teleported past them. Suddenly he felt a strange pain in his ankle. He stopped and looked down. A small Ussal crab had grabbed him with it’s pincher. “Get off you stupid animal!” He shook his leg, trying to dislodge the critter.


“Hey!” Someone said, “Claws is not stupid!” Floor looked up just in time to get punched in the face by one of the Rahkshi.




Poly and Hoto were engaged in an intense battle, Vlad was laying on the ground. When he had protected Hoto Poly had lunged and poisoned him instead, taking him out of the fight. The two Rahkshi were a blur of movement. Poly attacking viciously with his rapier, Hoto defending with her staff. Poly swung and Hoto blocked, but Poly followed up with a kick that sent Hoto sprawling. Before she could get back up she was already pinned, a poisons rapier pointed at her throat.


“Give up,” Poly said, “these Motoran are mine.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Hoto said.


Poly frowned, ready to make the killing blow. “I won’t waste words with you, AAAARRRG!” there was a bright flash and Poly crumpled to the ground. Xara descended, electricity still crackling from her hands.


“It looks like I am just in time,” she said. Drawing her swords. “I recommend you don’t get up Poly.”


Poly didn’t, the shock had knocked him out. Two more Rahkshi descended from the sky, one turned to help Vlad while the other walked over to revive shield.


“Well,” Said Hoto, “What now?”


Two more Rahkshi approached, dragging Floor and his bag of gifts, their Ussal crab chittering happily. “How about we throw these two in their own bag and haul them off.” One of them suggested.


“I’m not sure if we could carry them that far.” Xara replied.


Hoto stood up, “If we all work together it shouldn’t be that bad. I saw some rope over there. Tomorrow is Christmas, I am sure the Matoran won’t mind if we ‘borrow’ it.”


The eight Rahkshi got busy and within minutes they were ready for take off. They had shoved Poly and Floor into the bag and tied the bag shut with the rope. Each Rakshi held a rope going back to the bag.


“Ok,” Said Xara, “Three, two, one, GO!” The Rakshi shifted into flight mode and, in unison soared off into the night, laughing with joy at their accomplishment. Down in the village Cives began to stir. He stood up, looked outside, and thought he saw eight flying beasts pulling a sleigh full of goodies in the sky.


“Nomar,” he shouted, “Santa was here!”



Just a short story I wrote biased on my favorite RPG. Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoyed it! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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