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Rahkshi encounter - Fanfic exchange! (sorry it's late)

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Part of the BZPower 2017 Fanfic exchange; I will reveal who it is for at the end, but feel free to guess! here is the story:


Rahkshi Encounter


Quol struggled to clamber through the dense debris, His sharp blades being used to drag him through. Just days earlier the organisation he had been part of had split in two, he had sided with Miserix. Quol was beginning to think that his choice was wrong, this simple allegiance decision had thrown him into this chaotic nightmare.
Lowering himself through a openening torn into the ground by battle, Quol used his mask's power to telekinetically transfer numerous pieces of rubble to conceal his opening. He swapped out this matatu mask for a mahiki, the mask of illusions.
High above on the surface two Rahkshi patrolled, these two possesed the powers of magnetism and plasma. the plasma Rahkshi saw Quol hurry away and alerted the magnetism Rahkshi. The Rahkshi of magnetism used it's powers hoping to capture Quol by his metal armor, to no avail.
The plasma Rahkshi was shocked at this but decided to pursue alone, chasing Quol through a valley. The magnetism Rahkshi watched from afar, still baffled by it's powers inefficiency, this moment didn't last as Quol snook up behind it and reduced it's back to pieces with one swing. the Rahkshi's kraata was flung into a mass of nearby burning wreckage and the Rahkshi hull itself collapsed to the floor.
The Rahkshi of plasma returned, annoyed that it had chased an illusion, before the Rahkshi had time to react, Quol used his heat vision power to dislodge several boulders above, the avalanche crushed the Rahkshi. Quol rummaged through the rubble and located it's kraata, which he promptly threw into the flames.
Quol knew that his time was running short, with these Rahkshi dead, soon one of his fellow Makuta would be sent after him, he couldn't comprehend how a dual of two beings each equiped with the same powers could possibly end. Deciding to stay in the present, he left the flaming settlement behind and entered a glacial ice cave.
Using his blades as skis, Quol slid down the in-cohesive maze formed by the glacier's cave system, he passed through each one with ease. He found the time to use a particular tunnel as a resting place, it's large open chamber was both mystifying and terrifying.
Having regained his strength, and as a result his full range of powers, Quol swapped the Mahiki he was wearing for a Hau; the mask of shielding. His reasoning for this was that the Mahiki provided a power he could now use without it. The Hau's power was unique.
Stepping out onto the thin series of balconies and bridges formed by the ice, Quol looked down into the eternal darkness below, wondering what, if anything was down there. He looked up at the huge chandeliers formed by the ice. The marvelous glistening formations were hanging delicately above him.
The reflections in the ice immediately alerted Quol who the threat that had entered the chamber. A battle hardened Rahkshi of gravity had appeared behind him. The Rahkshi's staff was evidently used as it's blades were welding back into shape. Quol turned to face the Rahskhi.
Both sides drew their blades and charged towards each other. Quol used his magnetism power to try and pull the beast's staff from it, the Rahkshi used it's own gravity to keep the blade firm in place. They dueled for some time on the thin icy bridge, water began to drip from the bridge's underside. The sound of cracking was clear and sparked fear into Quol.
Quol attempted to send a burst of plasma towards the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi created a gravitational anomaly around itself, sending the plasma hurtling towards the chamber's walls, melting them instantly. The Rahkshi leaped towards Quol, it's blade pointed towards his face.
The Rahkshi almost collided with Quol when he activated the Hau's power creating a shield around himself and blowing the Rahkshi away. The Rahkshi smacked against the entrance arch to the chamber but immediately recovered and faced Quol once more.
The Rahkshi send bursts of gravity towards the ceiling, each blast hit an icicle of the chandelier. the Icicles dropped like bombs, narrowly missing Quol and destroying the bridges. Quol jumped between pieces of crumbling bridge all while dodging the falling chandelier fragments. Quol found the strength to make a short distance teleportation before landing on a stable bridge.
One last chandelier piece hurtled towards Quol. Using his cyclone ability, Quol flung the sharp piece towards the Rahkshi. The piece crushed the Rahkshi against the side wall and smashed it into thousands of pieces. The collision sent shock waves throughout the chamber, causing the entire glacier to rumble and shake.
The entire chamber collapsed as Quol stood in the centre. Everything that had made up the chamber had fallen into the dark abyss. Pillars fell and smashed, bridges crumbled and the chandelier fell; crushing the final remnants of the chamber. Quol had been dragged down with the rubble.
​A horde of Rahkshi stood at the glacier's entrance. The last reconnaissance team of Rahkshi emerged from the destroyed structure. Icarax, the Makuta commanding this horde, asked if any had found any trace of Quol. One Rahkshi lifted the destroyed Hau which Quol had worn in his final moments.
Satisfied that Quol was dead, Icarax ordered that the Rahkshi teleport away. Icarax and the Rahkshi left the area; except for one Rahkshi. The Rahkshi shape shifted into Quol who placed the damaged mask back on his face. Quol too teleported away, but not to the Rahkshi; but to a new future.
This story was written as part of the BZPower fanfic exchange 2017, the member it is written for is Scrubbish. (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/116654-scrubbish/)
Edited by CommanderKumo

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo2J14RKmVtcnoJTv7g6PA , Bionicle films coming soon!

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Interesting story. I found the capitalization inconsistencies distracting, but the ending did take me by surprise.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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