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Tufi Piyufi

BZP Fanfic Exchange 2017 Index

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Here's all the stories that have been posted as part of the BZPower Fanfic Exchange 2017. If the story you've written isn't on here, just let me know and I'll add it to the list!




The Gargoyle Knight, by Pahrak #0579 for Nick Silverpen

A Heist Gone Wrong, by Scrubbish for Pahrak #0579

Now and Always, by Master Inika for AZBlue

The Impossible, by Disciple for Toa of Gallifrey

Ancient Origins, by Torran for Click

Rahkshi Encounter, by CommanderKumo for Scrubbish

Conclusion of a Cowardly Conquest, by AceGreenLegend for SamDrew

A Conversation Between Brothers, by xccj for Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)

Lost, by ReeseEH for Master Inika

Time and Again, by Toa of Gallifrey for Torran

A Good Guy Goes to War. by Click for Kanohi Ko-llector

Protect by Principle, by Nick Silverpen for ReeseEH

Tick Tock, by SamDrew for Jayne Cobb

Hero, by Jayne Cobb for Disciple

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

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