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Emotions And Feelings



“Antibodies. That's what the Matoran are.” He pushed away from the desk and his chair wheeled across the room to another desk. He picked up a paper, studied it quickly, and tossed it aside.


“More accurately, the Toa are antibodies. The Matoran are just dumb creatures, laboring away to keep the body alive.”


The small being shuffled from the chair to a curtained window on the wall. He peeled back the thick shade and blinked in pain as intense sunlight flooded into the dark room. His eyes adjusted, and he looked out onto a large scene.


In the expense of land in the distance, a great titan was being pieced together. Small shadows milled about at its feet and could be seen dragging parts from all directions. “The final assembly.” he muttered.


 He turned away and let the curtain fall, plunging the room into darkness again. “But the Matoran are flawed. The Toa are flawed. They think they have all of the backup plans in the world, but they don't realize that a robot, no matter how much organic matter they slap onto it, cannot make the critical decisions we need.”


 The room responded with silence, but he took no noticed. He shuffled over to the first desk and began scribbling. “They need to think. To laugh. To love. To anger. To hate. They need emotions and feelings.”


 He paused. The words seemed to float in the air. “Emotions and feelings.” He repeated. He stepped away from the desk and picked up the piece of paper he had tossed to the side earlier. “But from where?” He sat the paper down on the desk. “'Matoran Internal Processing Units,' or their brains. To there, but from where?”


 He turned on his heel and crossed the room with speed, to a large monitor situated across the wall. He touched the screen with his open palm and it hummed to life, bringing a bright blue glow to the room. “You can't code emotions. Love, hate, joy, sadness; it has to be natural. Internal. Raised. Nurtured.” He swiped around on the screen until the blue glow was replaced by a pink one. “It has to be natural.”


 He pressed his palm against the screen again and a cable from the ceiling descended behind his head, a sharp prong exposed and aimed at the base of his skull. “Natural. We need to put a little of us into their programming. Memories. Emotions. Feeling.”


 He closed his eyes and the prong moved.







 Dang it feels good to be back. Just a quick one I had sitting in my folders before I left for Basic but never got to share. Hope you enjoy.

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I love that you didn't tell us who this is about. Figuring stuff like that out is always fun when reading fanfics. I think it's pretty clear who it is, but there's a chance I'm wrong. A very short and sweet fic either way.

idk man

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