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Happy 5th anniversary to the Stone Army set wave (2013)! :)

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Hi, guys! This year, 2018, is the 5th anniversary to one of Ninjago's set waves that was released in 2013 and involved the Stone Army and The Final Battle. Let's talk about it to celebrate the anniversary. 


For the storyline, it is said in this topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/25753-happy-5th-anniversary-to-the-stone-army-season-2012/ . I have no idea why Lego tell the whole story in 2012 instead of 2013, but alright. Plus, I have no idea why you guys never talked about that topic at all. 


Now, for the sets, they look very cool. I like the Ninja's new outfits and the new crooked sword pieces that make up the Elemental Blades that the Ninja used. Lloyd looks awesome with his new Golden Ninja outfit! Kai's mech looks cool and cute. A little stubby, but good. Cole's drill vehicle looks very neat. I also love Lloyd's mech, too! Nice gold and white colors on it. Lloyd's Golden Dragon looks very cool, too.:D It's strange that the Ninja didn't have the shoulder pads from the show, and Lloyd's eyes are dark red. Plus, the sets should've included a normal version of Lloyd from the show. Weird. 

The Stone Army looks cool. They look like samurais. I like Kozu's new extra-pair-of-arms piece. The helmets are very neat, too. I like their red and black color schemes. Their vehicles are awesome, and I like their red and black color schemes and the new sword-like pieces, too. The motorcycle with the thread looks cool, and the Garmatron looks awesome. That vehicle look like that it is a face that shoots a missile from its mouth. Too bad that we don't have one that looks like a four-legged animal from the show for some reason because it also looks very cool and interesting. Plus, too bad that we don't have a set for the Overlord's dragon form.:( Also, it's weird that in the sets, Lord Garmadon looks like that he wears a helmet with a mouth piece to show that he is possessed by the Overlord, while the show only show Garmadon as a reptilian monster. Weird. 

The temple looks very neat. 


So, what about you guys? I mean, what do you think about them? How do you think we celebrate the anniversary of the set wave, too?:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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