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Yet another pair of Matoran.




Tarn is a brash and hot-headed lava surfer even by Ta-Matoran standards. He has an insatiable need to perform, achieve and be the absolute best. At everything. Lava surfing is his passion, and he has become obsessed with the myth and legend of Lhii that Turaga Vakama occasionally tells the villagers. His fixation has grown to such a level that his goal is to surpass the fabled skill of Lhii, and to scour the lava falls of Ta-Wahi to find any remnant of the legendary all-yellow surfer, such as his mask. The Turaga has tried time and again to dissuade him, however Tarn often disregards the "ramblings of that old coot". 




Hoi is a much less rebellious Matoran. In fact, she is a completely everyday Ga-Matoran fisherwoman who shares most of her kin's traits in calmness and wisdom. She'd be mostly of no interest, save for her intense (and mutual) dislike of Macku. Such rivalries are rare among the Matoran of Water, but when the affections of a particularly handsome Po-Matoran Kohlii champion are at stake... well, we've all seen what the sea is like during a storm. 






Having built this pair just a day after my Onu-Matoran due, Whetu and Onupi, a bunch of similarities have arisen in their bodies. Hoi is, again, a Slizer-based build, using a lot of parts from Scuba, Her body is less gappy and better proportioned than Whetu's, the previous Slizer-based Matoran. I'm quite happy with her functional (!) fishing rod.

Tarn's body is custom, based primarily on orange Bohrok inner-head pieces (found in the Boxor set). His proportions are a tad off, but I really wanted to incorporate the mata red Pahrak-Kal shield into his torso. His lava surfboard is mainly based on the MNOG appearance, with color changes and some creative liberty.


Flickr Album for more images: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmeA5gRt


I welcome all comments and criticism!



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Again, lovely builds!


Not really keen on the typical "girly" rivalry over Hewkii that is going on between Hoi and Macku.


I am surprised how Tarn's obsession and completionism haven't gotten him in any kinds of trouble...



Also, a personal peeve of mine is the notion that Turaga Vakama is an "old coot". I just try to avoid the "old and frail" trope when it comes to the Turaga. It's not a criticism towards you and your story, though. You do you.


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