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Few legends told on Okoto have prompted as many young and brash adventurers into scouring the island in the face of danger as the Legend of Eora. Generations before the time of Ekimu, another Mask Maker worked the great forge, whose daughter was known across the island for her beauty. The already overprotective father was driven to madness by the never-ending flow of suitors, leading him to forge a mask for Eora which would send her into a deep sleep while preserving her life and youth. He hid her away and a secret cavern, and decreed that any suitor can prove their worth by finding her and waking her up.
Unfortunately, the father was too cautious, and Eora wasn't found within his lifetime, or even since. Legend has it she's still sleeping somewhere on Okoto, waiting for an adventurer to awaken her...


This MOC is less about the build, which is your standard Protector, and more about colors and posing. I also toyed around a tad with editing to get some decent effects.


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:kakama: Stone rocks :kakama:

I write stories, which you can read at A Beach, Somewhere. My MOCs can be found on Flickr and Instagram

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