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Taweth and his team, consisting of two other Toa, were called to a small outlying village by the local Turaga. A number of Matoran had disappeared, and shortly after, strange, sickly green creatures emerged from the forest by night to attack the village...




"Thank the Great Spirit you're here!" - The Turaga exclaimed as the guard led Taweth and his two companions into his hut.

"Tell us about these attacks and disappearances, everything you can." - Taweth went straight to business. His name was known to all Matoran, Turaga and fellow Toa, and he was famous for his valor, honor and efficacy. 

" Of those who disappeared, all were foresters. Hunters, foragers, the like. At first we thought some dangerous Rahi had moved into the forest, but then the attacks began. Strange creatures, grotesque beyond description and glowing a sickly green, would shamble out of the forest after nightfall. We pushed them back every time so far, but each evening, more of our guard are dragged away. We hear their screams till dawn. 

"The forest seems to be the common link between the two problems, and I'm sure they're linked somehow." - Concluded one of Taweth's companions.
"Indeed. The two of us will go into the forest to investigate, while you stay here to protect the village should another attack come." - He said, and headed off with one of his brothers. 




Taweth and the other Toa had been scouring the forest for some hours. The ground bore a jumble of strange footprints, but after delving deep enough into the forest, they noted a distinct, significantly larger set of prints, and decided to follow it. The prints led them to a secret entrance to a tunnel. They agreed to investigate right away rather than return to the village for their remaining brother. The tunnel was winding and dark, but after a few minutes of descent, they caught glimpse of a foreboding green glimmer. Turning a corner, they entered a large hall of horrors. In large vats, unconscious Matoran were floating in a green liquid. Some seemed perfectly normal, others already began to deform, while some were beyond recognition.
"Antidermis?" - Taweth's companion asked.

"Yes, but the Makuta took on gaseous forms eons ago. What kind of sick experiment is this?" - Taweth replied. They heard metallic clangs in the distance, as if something was knocked over. They proceeded with weapons drawn.

"Remember, no matter what they may look like now, these are still Matoran and we are not to harm them." - Taweth said.
A mocking laughter reverberated from the walls around them. Shadows stirred, but the curved glass of the many vats scattered what little light there was, so the two Toa couldn't located the source of the movement.
"You Toa are so predictable... what better weapon could there be against you, than the one thing you're unwilling to harm?" - Said the voice. Finally, a tall spindly being stepped out from behind an unoccupied vat. He wore bluish-black armor, and his Kanohi Crast identified him as a Makuta. 
Taweth lunged forward, blades poised to strike, but the Makuta dodged in the last moment. His swords shattered the vat, splashing some of the liquid onto his left arm and mask. The Makuta turned tail, and Taweth, disregarding the pain in his arm, gave chase. He felt anger rise in him like never before.
It was several minutes later that his companion, who lost track of Taweth and the Makuta, finally caught up to him in a different room of the laboratory. Taweth was standing above the badly mangled corpse of the Makuta. 
"Taweth... you... you know we cannot kill our opponents!" - The other Toa said, and only then did he realise the unnatural growths covering Taweth's arm. 
"Taweth, are you..." - He couldn't finish, because Taweth spun around and cut his head clean off.




The Toa guarding the village was pacing up and down the wall, frustrated, scanning the treeline. Finally, he saw the red and silver of Taweth's armor.
"Alone...?" - He thought to himself. As Taweth got closer, he saw the green tint of his arm and mask.
"Something is wrong, I'm going to him." - The Toa said to the Matoran guard, and leapt over the wall. Running up to Taweth, he now saw the slight sickly glow around the mask of his leader, the grotesquely malformed arm. Even his heartlight no longer glowed its usual blazing flame red.
"Taweth, are you hurt?" - He asked.

"No..." - Replied Taweth.


"... But you will be."




This build started out as a kind of self-experiment with the goal of broadening my tastes in MOCs and MOCing by purposefully working on a concept I wouldn't like or do otherwise, so I picked a few criteria which I generally disliked:
- Predominantly CCBS
- Roughly within the limits of a set that would actually be released
- Extensive use of silver on a build that isn't otherwise black/white/grey

- Relatively high transparent part usage

While the build itself may not be much, the experiment itself was a "success" in that I'm pretty sure I'll be appreciative of a wider range of MOCs in the future. 


More pictures here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmf1Nz8V


I'm happy to hear any comments or criticisms.



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