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Worst Hero Factory year?

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10 replies to this topic

Poll: Worst Hero Factory year?

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#1 Offline VakamaHordika147

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  • 05-February 18
  • 28 posts

Posted Feb 19 2018 - 07:56 PM

I’ve done the best, now I must do the worst. Out of all 4 years of Hero Factory, in your opinion what was the worst? The same rules apply. Vote in the poll or comment below, or both.

In my opinion the worst year was 2011, or as you may call it 2.0. In my opinion only a few of these sets were good. The sets I like are Nex, Evo, and Fire Lord. The rest of the sets have helmets I don’t really like. They are very basic and small, and they don’t feel like upgrades, they feel more like downgrades. In my opinion the worst sets are Furno, and Breeze. There new helmets are very ugly and show too much of their heads. Their new weapons aren’t great ether. But that’s just my opinion.

So leave your thoughts below!

Edited by VakamaHordika147, Feb 19 2018 - 07:57 PM.

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#2 Offline Lenny7092

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  • 04-September 09
  • 1,224 posts

Posted Feb 20 2018 - 12:19 PM

I would go with 2014 because:
1. That “TV” episode - barely character development, mech being tissues thrown away, replacement of voice actors, four fingers per hand, that storyline never had to do with anything relating with the cliffhangers from the Breakout and Brain Attack storylines, never appeared on TV, and Heroes not having more weapons to defend themselves. That’s pretty much it.
2. A lot of stickers.
3. Not too fond of sets looking like playsets. Though, I do like the new pieces from the monsters and the monsters themselves.
4. No Stringer or Nex, like the Brain Attack storyline.
5. The Heroes never made peace with the monsters, instead they angered the monsters’ queen and caused the whole species to be endangered.
6. The weird helmet designs on Bulk and Surge.
7. The online game never saves its memory in my desktop computer.
8. The Flyer Beast never fought in the game.
9. The little red Jumper with the blue shell never appeared in any of the sets.
10. Stiff joints in some sets.

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#3 Offline HurricaneCorey

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  • 20-February 18
  • 3 posts

Posted Feb 22 2018 - 11:06 PM

2011 and 2014 were horrible, I feel 2014 was worse but I do like the different approach to the series models.  Buildable sets were a definitely interesting idea.

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#4 Offline Evergrey: Toa of Music

Evergrey: Toa of Music
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  • 27-November 14
  • 646 posts

Posted Feb 23 2018 - 10:09 AM

I really have to say that the invasion from below (2014) was easily my least favorite. I had some of the Bionicle play sets and thought they were alright, but I really didn't like the HF playsets because it just didn't feel right. The presentation of the sets felt way too akin to Exo Force without looking as cool as said sets.

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#5 Offline CyclonatorZ

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  • 19-July 04
  • 1,744 posts
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Posted Mar 01 2018 - 06:06 PM

The first half of 2011 was definitely the worst Hero Factory had to offer. Generic hero builds with all the individuality of their previous incarnations stripped away, and jumbled builds for the villains made for a pretty lame introduction to CCBS. It's a good thing they immediately got back on their feet with Savage Planet six months later.


Really, that's the only wave I would consider outright bad. All the others were at least on par with the average Bionicle wave, and Breakout and Invasion From below rivaled the best years of the previous theme.

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#6 Offline masterchirox580

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  • 17-September 14
  • 1,536 posts

Posted Mar 19 2018 - 12:31 PM

I honestly have to say 2013. I remember 2011 was actually kind of exciting. At the time after so many years of technic building it was actually very interesting to see them take such a drastic turn with the pieces. I got into bionicle somewhere between my and 3rd and 4th birthday and only knew of technic based sets. So I actually found them quite fascinating. The reason I say 2013 was the worst was because it was around that year that things had gotten stale fast. After one year of actual innovation with that building system it felt like the designers just didn't care anymore.Compare that to bionicle which did majorly different things with it's building system up until 2006. I never owned invasion from below but they looked like a garbage version of exo-force. Brain attack was the also the wave that pretty much killed my interest in non-bionicle constraction and thus Lego altogether. I am currently in the process of selling all my HF stuff as it just wasn't that good overall.

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#7 Offline TheGreatSpirit

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  • Turaga

  • 05-May 14
  • 68 posts

Posted Apr 07 2018 - 02:29 AM

Brain attack tbh. It was a downgrade from Breakout both story-wise and set-wise, and I honestly believe that it killed hero factory's momentum from the excellent previous year.


NGL, sometimes I believe that some of the lego higher ups are responsible for neutering HF's story that year out of a fear of repeating Bionicle G1's issues, but I have no evidence for this ofc.

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#8 Offline Lucina

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  • 22-December 08
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Posted Apr 20 2018 - 12:28 PM

Brain attack tbh. It was a downgrade from Breakout both story-wise and set-wise, and I honestly believe that it killed hero factory's momentum from the excellent previous year.



sums up my thoughts


yes, 2011 is technically lackluster compared to the later years set-wise, but I think it's important to remember that 2011 was also the first appearance of the new build system, which I feel was more than exciting enough on its own.

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#9 Online Toa of Gallifrey

Toa of Gallifrey
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  • 11-March 11
  • 705 posts

Posted Apr 20 2018 - 09:55 PM

Setwise, probably 2010. Storywise, though, goes to 2014. That year was a whole new level of bad. On a more personal note, I still have nightmares of helmet-less heroes in the single IfB episode.

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#10 Offline KYM Jacob

KYM Jacob
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  • 14-January 05
  • 154 posts

Posted Apr 21 2018 - 08:40 PM

Brain Attack


The best year IMO was the Breakout wave. Many new colors and parts, unique builds, all the villains and heroes felt very distinct. The only problems I had with that wave was that I felt the original 2.0 core holder on the torso looked a lot better than just a white core IMO (however this was extremely easy to fix with the previous years sets) and that it got rid of the hope that I've been holding onto that they would continue with the fire wave idea of having more customization to the masks/helmets (which I know is controversial for some, but I was really hoping since the Toa Marhi LEGO would actually give us a better way to have these masks/helmets change so "same face" could be avoided). Otherwise, there were no real issues for this year for me and was nearly "perfect".


Brain Attack took the great bright colors of the Breakout wave heroes, and basically did what Bionicle did to the Toa Mata in 2008. Most of the bright colors were replaced with silver and (gunmetal) gray with very sparse highlights of the original colors. While I did like that they tried to ingrate back in some customization with the Hero Headgear, it was not backwards compatible with either of the old heads. Some of the heroes were just completely gone. The villains were less creative than last wave. While I do like them better than the fire wave they did need to go through another round of designs. The colors often had large amounts of silver and gunmetal, despite the fact they were supposed to be creatures, instead of matching colors to what their primary and secondary color schemes were. The "gimmick" with them was that they were being controlled by brain bugs, and that they weren't really "bad guys" if you removed these. However, they seemed to have completely forgot about the part of making them work without the brain bugs. My least favorite set for the entire Hero Factory series, Jet Rocka was just a watered down version of a hero we already had instead of one we didn't, with a large jetpack that was not stable for them to wear and stand up. Everything from this year felt like they had just copied things from previous years but with a blander color scheme an a gimmick that didn't really make sense.


While I don't love the last year of Hero Factory, it at least did something new that LEGO had not really done before, fully CCBS Mechs. While I would have preferred the Hero Factory minifigs to resemble, say, the original version of the heroes in minifigure form, instead of just bulky armor that does not resemble anything ccbs had to offer, it was still nice to get HF minifigs. It does still suffer from the color issues that Brain Attack had, though as it was underground beasts versus literal machines, it made more sense. 

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#11 Offline Master Inika

Master Inika
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  • 07-October 07
  • 5,290 posts

Posted Apr 25 2018 - 11:15 PM

The final year, easily, both in terms of set and story. Both were deviations from the established formula (which I already didn't like too much), and the radically different Invasion From Below was clearly a last-ditch attempt to inject new life into a LEGO line waiting to die. In that way, it suffered from a lot of the same faults that I've seen levied against the 2009-2010 BIONICLE era.

I tried to be open-minded with Hero Factory. When you try to not compare it to BIONICLE and take it for what it is, it's not that bad. It could be funny and creative at times. IFB stripped all of that away and replaced it with pure blandness and a morally questionable resolution.

At least the artwork on the packaging was pretty cool.

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