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Recently, @Vahkiti on Twitter posted the 3d models for Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui. I decided to take the liberty to convert those to .stl files and post them on Thingiverse for ya. I uploaded all six toa (4 without masks), all the in game kanohi, the Toa Kaita, The Chronicler, tohunga without mask, all the ingame rahi, and the elemental bosses in the game (which are... very interesting looking). Additionally, I did the same for the Bionicle: The Game models and a life size fan Bionicle mask/armor cosplay by PunkDrunk-182. I'm particularly excited about the Rahi's because there's a number that I've never heard of and some unnamed rahi.


You can see the models here: https://www.thingiverse.com/Clyce/designs



I recommend adding custom supports and 10-20% infill. Let me know if you have any problems printing any of them. I've printed Gali and tahu this far without problems. Enjoy'!

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Sweet, when I get some cash together I'll probably go over to my local college and print a couple of these. :D

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