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Powerless - music track

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Back again with another bonkle-inspired music composition. This one is a bit more cinematic - it's intended to convey the Toa Nuva's sense of impotence, frustration and shame at losing their elemental powers during the Bohrok Kal saga.

This was originally created for the Tales of the Amaja collab album, but I chose not to submit it for the final tracklist. https://bioniclefanmusicteam.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-the-amaja

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I like it. It has the same somber tone as a lot of Templar music, but it's still distinctive. Can anyone edit the Bohrok-Kal animations to have this track? I think it would sound particularly good in the second one, when Tahu, Jaller, and Takua are going through Le-Wahi and Lewa falls out of the tree.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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