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Master Inika

Turaga Lewa's Totally True Tales

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Tahu, Turaga of Fire, was going for a walk down the streets of New Atero when he noticed a crowd of Matoran, Agori and even a few Toa and Glatorian gathering around his brother, Lewa, Turaga of Air. Tahu had learned long ago that such an occurrence was never a good sign.


"Brother!" Tahu shouted on, moving forward on his Firestaff as quickly as he could.


"Shh!" the crowd went. A Matoran listener said, "Turaga Lewa's telling another story!"


"I know, that's what I'm here to put a stop to!" Tahu cried.


"...but even though I had lured the four-armed Rahkshi into the quicksand, I still had half a legion of mutant Skakdi to deal with," Lewa, sitting amidst the crowd, continued before looking up at his red-armored friend. "Oh, Turaga Tahu! Many-thanks for joining us. You are ever-welcome to listen to my story."


"This one's a classic," a nearby Agori commented. "It's the one about how he stole the Mask of Time back from Tuma and singlehandedly saved Naming Day."


"Not singlehandedly," Lewa chided lightly. "I never would have won the day without the help of Dor-Gor the Talking Kikanalo."


"Oh, right!" the Agori said. "How thoughtless of me to forget about Dor-Gor! It sure lucky you thought to buy him from that traveling one-eyed Vortixx, huh?"


"Enough of this!" Tahu said. "Lewa, none of those things happened! I must demand you stop telling these impressionable young citizens these outlandish stories."


The assembled crowd gasped as if Tahu had spoken against truth itself.


"Tahu, I'm surprised-shocked at you," Lewa said. "I cannot have you interrupting my stories any more. I'm heart-sorry to do this, brother. Kirop!"


Without any further prompting, Toa Kirop activated his Mask of Power, and, though Tahu's mouth continued to move, no sound came out. When Tahu realized what Lewa had asked the Toa of Light to do, he became even more incensed, although he remained completely silent.


"Now then, where was I?" Lewa said to the eagerly awaiting crowd. "Oh, yes, I just had to cross the Mount Danger to reach the wizard's workshop..."

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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