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Destinies of the Toa (A Bionicle G1 Fan Fiction)

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I thought of writing a Bionicle Fanfiction for G1 about the Toa Nuva fulfilling their destiny. And how would the other characters feel if the Toa had finally finished their final duty as the Toa that we've all come to know and love. My story is partly based on the final episode of the recent G2 animated series of Bionicle (which you can watch on Netflix, Bionicle: The Journey to One). Writing fan fiction for Bionicle G1 was one of my main passions. Hopefully, with your help and your feedback, I could change the story into something better and have an interesting ending for the G1 storyline of Bionicle (Apologies if I sounded needy). Anyways, enjoy the story! And please let me know what you think!  :)


EDIT: I have made some changes to the story and the title itself. If you have any opinions or ideas that you would like to share, please leave your comments below. Thanks guys and happy reading! :)


EDIT: I have decided to remove Nidhiki's backstory as I felt it was unnecessary to do so and hopefully it will help the story flow better without Nidhiki's backstory. ^_^




Long after the reformation of Spherus Magna, the Toa Nuva had successfully completed their missions and their tasks in order to protect the Matoran and the Agori. The threat of Marendar, the League's Army (League of Six Kingdoms' Army), and the beings' return from the Red Star, had passed. With Pohatu, Kopaka, and the rest of the Toa Nuva reunitied as a Toa Team. After their fight with their greatest foes, the Element Lords, and the Dark Hunter-Skrall Army, they were immediately beamed into the skies, knowing that they have fulfilled their destiny, turning themselves into their 'spirit' stars.  Dume and the Turaga of Mata Nui had looked upward at the sky, worringly hoping if the Nuva would ever return. Turaga Vakama wept in tears. As he misses the Toa, he began helding his hope if the Toa Nuva would ever return if they are truly needed again. Among the Turaga and the community of the Matoran, the Toa Nuva, formerly the Toa Mata, are now known to be, as the universe's greatest defenders of all generation of Toa. "They have done their duty my brother" said Turaga Onewa "I am truly sure they will return if they are ever needed. But for now, we must lead the other Toa. And honour their legacy. I am sure the Toa Nuva would want that."


You are right, my brother." said Turaga Vakama. "The Toa would want us to remember them."  "Everyone all over Spherus Magna will know of their tales and their heroism" said Turaga Nokama. "All of the Toa, the Mahri, the Hagah, and all of the others, will now honour their legacy" Nokama said "And now we must go forward to the future."


As they gazed heavily at the nightsky, the stars of the Toa Nuva started to shine brightly, gleaning itself like the Red Star.



Before the Toa's final confrontation with the Element Lords, the Dark Hunters, and the Skrall, Toa Gali's spirit was drawn to the flashback of the Great Beings' history and past. And for the very first time, she had seen their true presence.


Their true presence was neither mysterious nor intimidating. But they were a specialized group of ingenuis men and women, with imbuing cosmic powers of a Toa, and a high scientific intellect from their minds. And they explained to Artahka (The warrior who created them) why their destiny must differ from Helyrx, the lone Toa of Water. Toa Helryx was present with Artahka. As they both knew that the Toa must discover that destiny themselves if they ever hope to protect the species of the Matoran Universe and save Mata Nui from a dying coma. The destiny that Gali discovered, was to become "non-existent" as celestial 'spirit' stars. And remain dormant in a specialized tomb. Initially housed within the stars themselves.


Gali had also seen the vision of Matoro's true death and discovered that his spirit remains as a white gleaning star, hanging above the skyline of Spherus Magna. The intentions of the Mask of Life was to revive Mata Nui by simply borrowing some of the energies of its potential wearer, while leaving the mind and the spirit of the mask intact. And taking away the spirit of the former wearer, retreating his consciousness into his own Kanohi mask. And then eventually, transforming him into a shining 'spirit' star.


The stars of the Toa was seen in distance. But up close, they were made into newborn planets. Through their own energies. As the remains of a brave Toa. While transforming them back into their original forms.



Before becoming Turaga, Toa Helryx had aided many Toa teams in their missions as the leader of her organization, the Order of Mata Nui. Including the Toa Hagah, the Toa Mahri, and the Toa Cordak. She had eventually passed her leadership on to her agent, Axonn, as the new leader of the Order, and sacrificed her Toa power, transforming herself into a Turaga. As she had chosen that destiny as her last and final option. However, the destiny of the Toa Nuva differs from Toa Helryx, as they were created for one specific purpose; re-awaken the great spirit Mata Nui, completing their known purpose until they are needed again.



10 months later


Turaga Helyrx had gathered the Matoran around her campfire. Among them, were Toa from different teams including Toa Hahli, the Toa Mahri of Water, Toa Jaller, the Toa Mahri of Fire, and Toa Kualus, the Toa Hagah of Ice. There, she had told them the beginning of the Toa Nuva's arrival on Mata Nui to the events of the Toa Nuva's quest in Karda Nui. They laughed and cheered as they hear more of their adventures, and learned that being a hero was not just the neccessity of sacrifice but also the value of teamwork and friendship. Takanuva had listened to her stories, but couldn't help but worry if the Shadowed One would ever return and re-build his alliances with other enemies whether they were familiar or not.




As Toa Matoro sacrificed himself to revive Mata Nui by using the mask of life, leaving his physical body behind to Karda Nui. His mind and his spirit was immediately transported. Leaving the Matoran Universe behind as the robot form of Mata Nui, and into the skies above, over the planet's surface of Aqua Magna. Changing the former Toa Mahri of Ice into a white spirit star. Inside the star was a newly-built tomb, magically built for the Toa of Ice. Where Matoro, in his original Toa Inika form, slept peacefully in his stone coffin. With his Toa body carved on top. And an inscription imprinted on both sides of his coffin, saying "They will return. By the wisdom of the Great Beings". Unknown to the Turaga and the inhabitants, Toa Matoro's star was shown outside of the Matoran Universe and shined itself brightly. Indicating that past Toa who had chosen sacrifice was given the transformation of becoming a great celestial spirit star. Like Matoro, the spirit stars of the Toa Nuva were no different. Each of them, including Tahu's, had recieved a newly built tomb. As they remain dormant in their stone coffins, each of their bodies was carved on top, representating their Toa Mata forms. With colour schemes representing their elements, and decorated with intricate patterns and designs. However, they are still alive, in suspended animation. With their memories intact. But remained dormant in their chamber.



Each and every Toa Nuva, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, and Onua were reversley transformed into their original forms. Except Toa Tahu. As he sleeps in his newly reserved stone coffin, his golden armour remains intact.



Among the spirit stars of the Toa, a member of Jovan's Toa Team, was present. Like Toa Matoro, he had used the mask of life to revive Mata Nui's health and eventually became a gleaning star. Where his original body rests in his preserved burial tomb.



If the Toa are called to action, they will immediately return home from the skies above, in order to help those who are truly in dire need. In a dark time when hope would truly die.


The End

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