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Pridak: Paragon by Poor Disadvantaged



"If it were possible for a biomechanical being to be a perfect physical specimen, Pridak was it."
 - City of the Lost (Bionicle Legends 6) 
Under the banner of Pridak - glorious leader of our League of Six Kingdoms - we shall achieve the impossible, and end Mata Nui's great Tyranny once and for all! 
By the power of the common man coupled with the stewardship of our six war-kings, we will bring a new era of unity and peace to our lands.
Comrades! You have nothing to lose but your chains!
Entry to the BioSector01 competition, depicting a pre-mutated Pridak as a valiant, powerful army general.
Found their wiki article on him quite useful for informing this design; went for 'Warcraft-esque' proportions to suggest physical strength, and went over-the-top fancy to hint at his pride/narcissm.  
I tried to incorporate some of the iconic pieces from the original set: the blended shark-blades, big-and-long feet, and white shoulder daggers all made it in there.
Definitely not a 'perfect' moc by any stretch, but I hope you like it anyway! 
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