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Toa Imrukii


41638467080_6d4e3e8032_c.jpgToa Imrukii by Toa TimeLord, on Flickr



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Toa Imrukii is a long time friend here on BZP and knowing his birthday was around the corner I decided to build my version of his self MOC.

This Toa of fire has a custom torso, lower legs, and upper arms. He also takes call backs to my friends MOC by using the same mask and the fire sword.





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Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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Hey, thats actually pretty awesome dude! Imapologize for not seeing this sooner, but I actually really like this interpretation of my character. It actually kind looks like the experimental 'nuva' form I had for him, so again, thats realy cool.


Again dude, thank you for this pleasant surpise, though I'm three days late this certainly made my morning better.

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