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Bohrok Kal Possibilities and Outline


So we all know about the bohrok kal, six special variations of standard bohrok created to free the bahrag if something happened to them.



So we know right now that most of the bohrok kal are dead, except for lehvak who is in space orbiting spherus magna however his krana is still intact on spherus along with a few other krana kal. So where are the krana right now? are they in the possesion of the turaga still? were they given new bodies? We also know that the bahrag are on spherus, so will they create more kals? The red star is also a thing so will that rebuild them or not since their krana's are still intact. Also theoretically kohrak kal could also be rebuilt as he just fell apart.



P.s can bohrok operate on their own without krana? After all they were av matoran once. Just thinking from Lehvak kal's point of view. 

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