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Happy 15th anniversary, Mask of Light storyline (Late 2003)! :)

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Hi, guys!:) I know that Bionicle had ended two years ago sadly, but let’s be happy about Bionicle for something else. You see, this year, 2018, is the 15th anniversary of Bionicle’s late 2003 storyline, which involved thr Mask of Light. I know that this year doesn't have anything Bionicle-related (well, there is this set piece that has the picture of the island of Mata Nui with its name in Matoran, and the piece is in that new The Lego Ninjago Movie set with the docks in this year), but let’s celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 2003 storyline. That would enlighten you more.:)


Let me tell you the late 2003 storyline:

The storyline starts with two Ta-Matoran, Takua and Jaller, preparing for a Kohlii tournament, but Takua was sightseeing and Jaller had to go after him. When Takua was exploring a cavern under their home village called Ta-Koro, he found a certain rock with carvings, and when he accidentally threw it in the lava, the rock broke and a new Great Kanohi mask came out of the the rock.

When the Matoran went to their tournament and then sadly lost to a team of Ga-Matoran, Hahli and Macku, Takua accidentally showed the mask to the crowd in the tournament, including the Ta-Matoran, Ga-Matoran, Po-Matoran, three Turaga named Vakama, Nokama, and Onewa, and three Toa names Tahu, Gali, and Pohatu. Vakama and Nokama revealed that this new mask is the legendary Mask of Light, and it would lead the one Matoran who found it to the legendary seventh Toa on the island (there are six Toa, who are Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, and Onua, and they formed a team called the Toa Nuva). This Toa is said to be the Toa of Light who could defeat their villainous archenemy called the Makuta. Tahu thought that Jaller found the mask and Takua was too nervous to tell the truth, so everybody thought that Jaller is the herald for the mask.

When Jaller began his journey to go find the 7th Toa by using the mask to guide him, Takua wanted to be with him to help him out along the way, and he had a put Ussal crab named Pewku to come with them. Hahli remained in Ta-Koro.

Meanwhile, the Makuta, having regained his strength after the Toa Nuva, who were normal versions of themselves called the Toa Mata during the time, defeated him in the 2001 storyline, sensed that Jaller and Takua are doing their journey, so he created and unleashed three of his six new powerful and monstrous minions with magical powers called the Rahkshi, which are suits of armor piloted by magical slug-like creatures called the Kraata, which Makuta also created, to go stop them. The Rahkshi have snake-like heads, are armed with magical double-sided staffs that use their powers, and can fly. Each one of the Rahkshi has its own colors and power. The Rahkshi are also called the sons of Makuta. The first ones that Makuta unleashed are a Levahk, the green Rahkshi that has Poison powers, a Panrahk brown and Fragmentation, and a Guurahk blue and Disintegration. The Rahkshi went to Ta-Koro to attack it. Tahu and Gali tried to stop them, but they are too much to handle, so they and their people who were in Ta-Koro got out of there while the Rahkshi destroyed the village. The Levahk scratched Tahu on the face along the way, and Tahu’s secondary Kanohi Nuva masks got destroyed when the village was sinking into the lava. Tahu was upset about all of this. Gali suggested regroup all six Toa Nuva to stop the Rahkshi from finding Jaller and Takua.

During Jaller and Takua’s journey, they met Lewa, who learned about the destruction of Ta-Koro. Jaller was upset about it, but the Matoran continued their journey. When they met Kopaka, Kopaka’s village called Ko-Koro got attacked by the three Rahkshi who found the Matoran and then attacked the three. However, Kopaka defeated the Rahkshi by freezing them into statues.

Makuta unleashed three more Rahkshi, which are a red one called a Turahk, which has Fear powers, a Kurahk white and Anger, and a Vorahk with Hunger powers. Makuta also scared Takua so much that Takua decided to quit following Jaller, separating them. When Takua arrived to another village called Onu-Koro, where he met Pohatu and Onua, the village was attacked by the second three Rahkshi. While the Toa Nuva are battling those Rahkshi, The Kurahk magically cursed Tahu into attacking Gali angrily, but Kopaka stopped him by freezing him. The battle caused a whole cave that was above the village to be destroyed along with Onu-Koro. After Lewa warn Takua warn Jaller about the Rahkshi, Takua found Jaller and warned him that the Rahkshi are looking for the herald rather than the Mask. The Toa Nuva had to cure Tahu from the Kurahk’s curse and Levahk’s deadly poison to save Tahu from them. The scratch is gone when it happened as well.

The Toa Nuva later on battled the Rahkshi again many times. First fighting the Rahkshi individually and then the Rahkshi’s fusions called the Rahkshi Kaita, where each three of the Rahkshi combined into a more powerful creature that can use their powers and have new ones. Along the way, they learned about the Kraata, including the fact that they are the ones that created the Infected Kanohi in the 2001 storyline. Plus, they encountered special Kraata called Shadow Kraata, which are purple and the seventh and most powerful stage of Kraata. The Toa got rid of one that created new Infected masks that mind-controlled some Matoran. The Matoran are saved after that Kraata was taken care of.

When Takua and Jaller arrived to their destination, where was a temple called Kini-Nui, the Mask of Light’s power was carving something on the temple, but all six of the Rahkshi came back and started attacking the Matoran. Takua then told Jaller that he is the true herald before they got trapped by the Rahkshi. However, the Toa came to their rescue and fought and defeated the Rahkshi. The Turahk was still not defeated, though, as it tried to use its Fear powers to kill Takua, but Jaller got in the way and got killed by it instead. Takua was sad to see that, and then he put on the Mask to turn into the 7th Toa, and Takua changed his name to Takanuva. He defeated the Turahk and finishing the carving, which was Takua’s mask to show that Takua was the true herald the whole time.

Takanuva was still sad about Jaller’s death, but he had to do what has to be done, which is to defeat Makuta to make him pay for what he had done. The Toa Nuva made Takanuva a flying vehicle called the Ussalnui, which Takanuva used to go to Makuta’s lair, which Makuta was. When Takanuva arrived to the lair, he had Hahli, who snuck in the vehicle, to gather the everyone on the island in the lair. When Takanuva found Makuta, Makuta challenged him to a Kohlii match to do a battle with him. During the battle, Hahli brought the people to the lair. Takanuva weakened Makuta, but Makuta was still standing. However, Takanuva jumped onto Makuta’s face and started removing Makuta’s mask, which Makuta didn’t like. Both accidentally fell into Makuta’s pool that has a magical substance called Energized Protodermis, the very thing that turned the Toa Mata into the Toa Nuva, and then when they came out of the substance, it combined the two into a new and powerful being called Takutanuva, with Takanuva’s mind dominating it. Takutanuva went to lift a large gate with his super-strength to open it, allowing the people to get pass it. Along the way, he revived Jaller, but he sacrificed some of his life force to do so, so he got weaker and couldn’t keep lifting the gate any longer, so it crushed him. When the people found the Mask of Light, they used it to revive Takanuva. The people then found a mysterious new island with a city on it (which we know that it was Metru Nui).

While the people are moving in, the Turaga revealed that the Toa Nuva and Takanuva, who became their honorary member, that they weren’t the first Toa on the island. This led to the Turaga talking about the events of the 2004 storyline.


To celebrate, let me ask you this:

What are your fond memories of the storyline and/or what do you like about it?

Let me say my answer. I think this is very great. The Rahkshi sets are very cool because of their gear function with twisting their upper torsos to make them swing their staffs. I like the spikes, staff pieces, bendable legs, upper torso design that looks like a snake’s upper body, and the opening function on it where you put a Kraata in there. Speaking of Kraata, they look cool, I must say. I like the blending of the colors and the various shapes of their heads. They are collectibles, as there are 36 kinds of them, and they can be found randomly in the Rahkshi and Kraata packs, similar to the Kanohi and Krana packs. Plus, later on, there are six types of Shadow Kraata in the sets, which was interesting as well. These are fun to collect as well. Anyway, man, the Rahkshi are quite fierce and dangerous because of their powers. They’re awesome.

For the small sets, which are six Matoran, Hewkii, Taipu, Matoro, Kopeke, Hahli, and Macku, well, I guess they are alright. Their gear function is the same as the Rahkshi’s, but they were holding Kohlii sticks and Kohlii balls, so you can have the Matoran play Kohlii. That’s fun, and I like that they have bendable wrists, shoulders, and legs. Love the evolution from the 2001 Matoran sets.

Those two large sets, which are the Takua and Pewku one and the Jaller and Gukko one, are quite good. You have more Matoran to play Kohlii with. I like Pewku’s moving function with the wheels and Gukko’s flapping wing function. They’re neat, and those Rahi are cute. I love that the Gukko have four wings. Sweet. You would see that combo models from 2001 are turned into these packaged sets as well. Neat.

The set with Takanuva and the Ussalnui is quite amazing in some ways. Good thing that we got a new Toa with a new Elemental Power. I love the gold Nuva pieces, white, and the new blade on his staff. It’s interesting that you can position his head to let him driving the vehicle in a non-weirding way because his neck is stiff. The vehicle’s functions with the blades for the landing gear is quite cool, and I can say the same to the fact that you can have the vehicle contain many Kraata because it have the same Rahkshi back designs. I love the use of silver and Bohrok-Kal pieces, and I could say that Jaller’s gray mask is a nice feature on the vehicle, even if that it is a sad thing to look at it due to Jaller’s death. It’s weird that Takanuva looks like a Toa Nuva, even though that he’s not, though.

As for the Makuta set, that is very impressive. He’s a big dude, and I love the bulk on his body and armor. He reminds me of the Exo-Toa in 2002 sort of. Like the Rahkshi, you can swing Makuta’s upper body to have him swing his big staff. I like the you can twist his masked head to show two faces on Makuta’s mask called the Mask of Shadows, though the pointed face is weird. Plus, I like his bendable arms, though it’s weird that he has silver versions of the Mask of Light as his hands. Man, does he look intimidating. I don’t like his legs, though, because they are kind of stiff.

Now, as for a mighty combo large set, which is Takutanuva, a combo model made of the Takanuva and Makuta sets, I must say, he looks mighty impressive. Even though that he looks like a silver version of Makuta, I love his polearm-like weapon, spikes, and the fact that he uses Takanuva’s torso for his own torso to show that he is the fusion of the two guys. It’s quite interesting that he uses the Ussalnui’s pieces as well, as you can see some pieces, and I love the use of black, white, and silver on this guy. Quite artsy with this stuff. Plus, I like that he includes the movie version of Makuta’s mask piece. But, why not the Mask of Light and Shadows? I mean, it’s the guy’s mask, you know.:(

There’s also Tahu’s poisoned mask piece, which are rare, but neat.:)

Next, the combo models. Most of them look weird. There are those Matoran Kaita models, but they look very strange because of their limbs.

The Rahkshi Kaita models are quite neat, but both look weird. I mean, the one made of Turahk, Levahk, and Kurahk looks mixed up, but I like that it has the three Rahkshi’s heads. The one made of Panrahk, Vorahk, and Guurahk is very strange because it looks like a Vorahk with Rahkshi arms for legs riding a Rahkshi-like steed with his butt glued to the steed’s back. However, I do like that each half of the steed’s body has its own unique color.:)

The model with Makuta, T&P, and J&G, called Makuta Nui, looks quite amazing and menacing. I like the claws and teeth. Plus, it’s big. However, it looks a little weird, and I wish that Makuta could’ve used this form of his against Takanuva, like how Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty turned into a dragon to fight Prince Philip and Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin into a giant cobra to fight Aladdin.

For the Takutanuva model, well, same as I said above.:)


As for the story and media, well, the story is very great, I must say. I love the epic fights, even if the Toa Nuva sets were released in 2002, and I love the light-vs.-darkness theme in the storyline. It is told though Bionicle’s first direct-to-video movie called Bionicle: Mask of Light in September 2003 (near my birthday), three comic book issues, a chapter book based on the movie, and a guidebook. The movie is like Lego’s first real medium in general. I remembered buying the movie on its release day. I watched and liked the movie. It is very great because it has some neat fight scenes and character development.:D I love the dramatic music in there as well. The animation designs in the characters are phenomenal (though it’s weird about the eye colors being mostly red and Pohatu and Onua looking different from their sets because of their torsos at least for some reason), as we can see some realistic stuff that makes they look like cyborgs rather than toys. I wish there are all 12 common Kanohi being shown in the movie rather being limited and rare in some ways. Plus, I wished that the the Le-Koro, Onu-Koro, and Ko-Koro Kohlii teams would have participated the tournament and have at least the Ko-Koro team appear in the movie because of their sets. The Toa are very cool as always. I cried about Jaller and Takanuva getting killed. But, good thing that they are revived. Plus, Pewku and Gukko are cute in the movie. To be honest, I thought that the 7th Toa would have been a different guy, but it was surprising that Takua could turn into him. I felt bad that Takua wasn’t confident and was shy in some things before he became Takanuva. Plus, I feel bad for people who lost their homes because of the Rahkshi, and for Tahu because he lost his Nuva masks and having been poisoned and cursed.:( I love how Makuta did in the movie. He was quite impressive and looks more menacing than his set.:) It’s weird that the movie version of his mask looks different from his set’s mask, though, but it looks good as I would say. Plus, it’s weird that Takutanuva’s movie and set looks are different for some reason, but he looks impressive either way. Man, the Rahkshi in the movie look quite scary, and they are scarier in the movie than their set forms. They look cool. I wish that movie would have the Rahkshi use their Kaita forms to make things more epic, though. I also wish that the comics could’ve talked about the movie.

The movie got an award and a series of four direct-to-video movies in 2003-2009. Impressive. Why not there being a movie be about the 2001 storyline, though? It’s just to make things more interesting.

The set animations from the CDs are neat to watch. I like that the Rahkshi hide in darkness to strike at their foes.

The storyline also has an online game that we know and love called Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, a sequel to the Mata Nui Online Game in 2001 that centers around Hahli, who is a new Chronicler who is having adventure that involves exploring around the island. This also leads to her involvement to the movie’s events. I played and liked the game. It’s very fun, and I like how you get to explore the island, collect interesting things, and improve your Kohlii skills.:) However, I wish I could fly a Rahi bird, like the first game, and those glitches are annoying. I wasn’t completely done with the game because of them, too.:(

There’s also a video game with a console version for the first time. It’s called Bionicle: The Game. It’s general about the 2001-2003 storylines, even though it is mostly about the 2002 and 2003 storylines. I played the PlayStation 2 game. It was okay, but it could’ve been a lot better. I mean, there’s not much you can do after an hour or two. I like that you fire energy, travel in some places throughout levels, and mostly the movie-esque graphics, but I wish the graphics could be a lot better. There are so many limitations. You only play some versions of the Toa and fight some enemies. I wanted much more. Why can’t the game be based on the 2001-2003 storylines much more, as you playing the Toa in every way? Plus, there are some false advertisements. Bummer. Not the best Lego game that I’ve ever had played. In fact, the game got some negative reviews, and a sequel based on the 2004 storyline got cancelled because of that, man.:(


You know, it's quite interesting that the Rahkshi’s powers have been used to give the Makuta species the same powers later on.:)


So, guys, what are you fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite Bohrok-Kal (set), favorite character(s) in the storyline, favorite moment in the storyline, what things remind you of the storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, my favorite sets are Takutanuva, Turahk, Vorahk, Makuta, and Takanuva. My favorite characters in the storyline are Takua/Takanuva, Tahu, Onua, and Makuta.:D

The things that remind me are:

1. Xialon Showdown - there’s this light-vs.-dark theme with Omi, a short guy, facing against bad guys who are about darkness.

2. Star Wars - Luke Skywalker is scared about fighting Darth Vader, which is like how Takua was scared of Makuta. Plus, the light-vs.-dark theme.

3. Ninjago’s 2013 storyline - Lloyd Garmadon fights against the Overlord. Lloyd is like Takua by starting out as a short guy who turned into a taller hero who is about light and is told to fight against a villain with dark powers, who is the Overlord, of course. Plus, the Overlord is very much like Makuta by shape-shifting, involving robots, making strategic plans, and creating powerful minions. Lord Garmadon is sort of like the Overlord, too.

4. Iron Man movie in 2008 - small hero fighting against big villain who is a bane of his existence.

5. Kingdom Hearts - there is a short guy named Sora who represents light and fights against powerful villains who represent darkness.

6. Bionicle’s 2016 storyline - Ekimu becomes a Toa of Light to fight against Makuta, who has Shadow powers, and his powerful minions.

7. Hero Factory - Von Nebula is sort of like Makuta in some ways, like being a dark-looking giant. Plus, Meltdown mind-controlling Stormer reminds me of Kurahk corrupting Tahu.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006 - there is this villain with dark powers named Mephilles who is fought in dark lairs.

9. Numbah 4’s mech in an episode of Codename: Kids Next Door where the Delight Children From Down The Lane was attacking the treehouse and used a device that zapped Numbah 1. It reminds me of the three-headed Rahkshi Kaita.

10. Legends of Chima - how there is this little Phoenix child who is sort of scared and learns to become powerful and fights against evil.

11. Steven Universe - Steven is sort of like Takua while the Crystal Gems are sort of like the Toa.

12. Samurai Jack - there is this light-vs.-dark theme sort of, and Jack represents light and fight against a shape-shifting villain named Aku, who represents darkness.

13. The Legend of Korra’s Season 2 - Korra and Raava represent light while Korra’s evil uncle and Vaatu represent darkness. Plus, there is the battle against the Avatar (Korra and Raava) and the dark Avatar (the evil uncle and Vaatu)

14. Fairly Odd Parents’ Wishology TV movies - how Timmy Turner is chosen to fight the Darkness is like Takua being chosen to become the Toa of Light to fight against Makuta.

15. Kirby games and TV show - how Kirby fights Nightmare is like Takanuva fighting Makuta.

16. The Powerpuff Girls - Makuta is like Mojo Jojo and Him combined. Mojo Jojo plans strategically while Him likes to mentally torture his heroic enemies.

17. The Lord of the Rings movies in 2001-2003 - the movie is kind of like Frodo’s quest to get rid of the One Ring to prevent a dark lord from taking over the place.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Wow!  It's been 15 years already!  Unfortunately, I wasn't involved with BIONICLE until the end of 2004, so I wasn't aware of the Mask of Light story until later.


The sets and story from summer 2003 are both spectacular!  A few years ago, I went and collected all the Kohlii Matoran and Rahkshi, and I plan to pick up the titans at some point as well.  The Rahkshi were a HUGE deal in BIONICLE history as they were the first canister sets to have knee articulation!  I also enjoy the larger and more poseable Matoran. :)  I have some fond memories of watching Mask of Light for the first time around 2008 (I think).


Overall, even though I didn't experience the Summer 2003 story until a few years later, I really enjoy it! :biorules:


Also, this is my 254's post!  #Full53nd

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Lerahk was my first ever Bionicle set, so as far as sets go, it did see the introduction of some that I still remember fondly. However, I think it was not until 2005 that I got any. With the story, I enjoyed it as one of Bionicle's best years, and as I child I was obsessed with Mask of Light. Having watched it recently as a 20 year old, it is ultimately a decent but not spectacular cheap children's movie. Despite this, to me it was and will always be so much more. 

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:) Try my Shadows of Artakha fanfiction!  :)

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Mask of light was the story arc that got me into bionicle. It shall forever have a place in my heart.


Also, which set had a map of Mata Nui? Can you give me the set number?

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Spark the flame of the heart





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I remember being so excited to get the movie...


15 years...fun times...

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Ahhhh, this brings me back to Christmas 2004. I got the VHS of Mask of Light in a Turaga Dume and Nivawk/Krekka twin pack. Not sure why a twin pack of 2004 titans came with a VHS for MoL, but I wasn't complaining (mainly because at the time I had no idea that movie came out a year earlier). That just meant I had TWO WHOLE BIONICLE MOVIES to watch that day while I built and played with my new sets.


Good times were most definitely had that day, and many days after.

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Ahhhh, this brings me back to Christmas 2004. I got the VHS of Mask of Light in a Turaga Dume and Nivawk/Krekka twin pack. Not sure why a twin pack of 2004 titans came with a VHS for MoL, but I wasn't complaining (mainly because at the time I had no idea that movie came out a year earlier). That just meant I had TWO WHOLE BIONICLE MOVIES to watch that day while I built and played with my new sets.


Good times were most definitely had that day, and many days after.

I love memories like this. The Bionicle movies were such a huge thing for kid-me, I remember watching LoMN really frequently while building/playing with sets. The others too, and sometimes I'd binge them back-to-back.



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Has it been 15 years already? Geez... the nostalgia. I remember watching this as a kid and just loving every part of it.  So much that I later got the DVD to continue to watch it to this day. 

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