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Can anyone give details on the copper komau?

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I know they were given out as prizes in the UK, and I have one, but I'm confused. I also have both the variants of the copper hunas. Now, what has me confused is that the US huna let's light through, while the UK huna does not. But my copper komau let's light through also. Do all copper komau do this? Or is there a Us/UK copper komau? Just asking because I've only ever heard about copper komau in the UK. Thanks for any help!

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From the Official Rare Collectibles topic:


Copper Huna (US) - $3-$5 (reference)

The copper Huna was produced in two versions, one in the US and one in the UK. The US version is very common, and is differentiated from the UK version by holding each mask in front of a light; the US version appears translucent, whereas the UK version does not let any light through and remains opaque. Released in 2002, it was available through a Toys'R'Us promotion and at Blockbuster locations.

Copper Huna (UK) (on right) - $10-$20

As explained above, this mask was released in the US and the UK in slightly different variations They are differentiated by holding each mask up to a light source; the US version becomes translucent whereas the UK version remains opaque. This mask was available at LEGOLAND Billund and LEGOLAND Windsor alongside the copper Komau, as well as through a Nestlé promotion in Germany and possibly other countries. It is harder to come by than the US version. Bricklink does not make a distinction between the US and UK versions of the copper Huna, so this price is an estimate based on sales of this mask on BZP among collectors.


Copper Komau - $20-$30 (reference)

This mask was available at LEGOLAND Billund and Winsor alongside the copper Huna in the UK. It is quite difficult to come by. This mask occasionally sells on Bricklink, but for wildly varying prices; sales in the last six months have ranged from $3 to $40. It is sold on BZP for closer to the noted price. In any case, it is generally valued above the UK copper Huna since the Komau's availability was more limited.


Copper Mask pack - $30-$50

The promotional pack available at LEGOLAND Winsor and Billund in the UK that contained the copper Huna and Komau, as well as an info card. Sealed packs are quite difficult to find and fetch fairly high prices.

These have sold for abnormally high prices on Bricklink ($60 and above). When they show up for sale on BZP, they sell for more reasonable prices.


I hope this helps a little bit ^^

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I hope this helps a little bit ^^

Thank you. It helps a bit. I'm hoping someone can still tell me whether it's supposed to be see through or not though

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Whoops, while looking for something on Archive.org a while back, I found that it looks like this question was already answered decisively a long time ago. It turns out BZPower actually died in 2002 and we've just been hanging out in its corpse ever since. Wasn't expecting that one!

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