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Happy 5th anniversary, Brain Attack storyline (2013)! :)

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Hi, guys!:) I know that Hero Factory ended sadly, but let’s be happy about HF something else. You see, this year, 2018, is the 5th anniversary of HF’s storyline called Brain Attack in 2013. So, let’s celebrate the 5th anniversary of the 2013 storyline.:)


Let me tell you the Brain Attack storyline:

It was started when the Alpha 1 Team (Stormer, Bulk, Furno, Breez, Evo, and Rocka) are celebrating with their people from Makuhero City for their successfulness. They got a monument with their statues to commemorate with their successfulness. The Heroes are like celebrities or superheroes to be praised. Surge, however, doesn’t like interacting with people while talking to Breez about it.

Meanwhile, a mysterious villain that looks like Black Phantom from the Breakout storyline in 2012, but with different horns, is creating big brain-like parasites with spikes and long tails called the Brains in a secret base in an asteroid. He also uses plans that are about the Hero Factory building and stolen by Black Phantom in the past storyline to have the Brains attack the Hero Factory organization, so they wouldn’t stand in his way. He put the Brains in little rockets and launches them from his base, and they are heading to the Hero Factory’s home planet. When the Brains arrived on different environments on the planet, they jump onto a lot of the planet’s different animals’ heads to mutate them into monsters and mind-control them while the Brains attach themselves on the animals’ heads. These creatures include:

1. Pyrox - a red creature that was once a small bull that can resist being in lava and lived in a volcano, but got mutated into a big Minotaur-like monster that has black legs, red claws on the left hand, long black horns, and a staff-like weapon that spins around and shoot fire and lava.

2. Scarox - a gold creature that was once a small beetle that lived in a desert, but got mutated into a human-sized version of itself that has green poisonous fangs and four insect claws for arms.

3. Bruzier - a big gray rocky creature that was once a rock golem that lived in a mountain that eats jewels, but got mutated into a strong spiky monster with a big and spiked right arm, and his left hand is holding a dagger.

4. Ogrum - a big green creature that was once an ogre-like creature that lived in a jungle and eats mushrooms, but got mutated into a bulky and plant-based monster that has big brown hands, vines on the right hand that stretch like a rubber band, grab things, and regrow when being cut, a frail being held in his left hand, and fangs.

5. Aquagon - a yellow aquatic creature that was once a fish-like creature that lived and swam in an ocean, but got mutated into a human-shaped monster that can breathe air, walk on land, and is armed with two blue swords that can combine into a two-sided weapon.

6. Frost Beast - a big white creature that was once a yeti-like creature that lived in a snowy environment, but got mutated into a spiked monster that has blue claws on his left hand, a blue sword being held in his right hand, and can shoot ice from his mouth.

7. Dragon Bolt - a big blue dragon that has big wings that can fly and a strong tail with two spikes that was once a normal creature that lived in a cave in a jungle, but got mutated into a powerful monstrous version of himself that spits electric fireballs from its mouth.


After the mutations, the Brains head to Makuhero City to attack it. One of Hero Factory’s staff members named Nathaniel Zib notices this, so he lets the Heroes know about it. The Heroes got upgraded with new armor that has locking clamps that protect their Hero Cores, helmets with visors with various functions that flip if they want to battle or not, and new weapons. After that, the Heroes notice the attack, Furno, who is in his XL form, which is the size of the Hulk from Marvel, is shown to be a commander of many Hero teams, including his own, as he commands some to go to different places in the city. He tells Surge to go defend the Hero Factory building while the others fight the monsters, even though that Surge is annoyed by that because he wants to do action outside the building.

When the Alpha 1 Team found the monsters marching on the city’s streets, they don’t want to harm them because they are innocent animals that are controlled by the Brains. The Heroes defend themselves on the streets while Evo patrol the city’s sewers to fight the Aquagons. While Surge was defending the building, he is attacked and outnumbered by a bunch of Brains.

The Heroes are worried that they are going to get tired out, but Bulk figures out a way to defeat the Brains, which is to hit the Brains’ spikes to remove them from the monsters to turn them back to normal. Bulk tells the Heroes about this, so they are able to defeat the Brains.

Dragon Bolt shows up and breaks through the building by breaking through the walls while something happens to Surge because Surge went inside the building’s Assembly Tower for some reason. Rocka goes to fight the dragon while the rest of the Alpha 1 Team goes to find Surge in the Tower.

Rocka finds Dragon Bolt in a room in a building and a big hole that he made. Rocka fights and tries to defeat the dragon, but the dragon while Rocka and then Rocka gets trapped in a room with weapons. However, Rocka finds a big jet pack with blasters, so he uses it to fight the dragon, Rocka then defeats the dragon by removing the Brain from the dragon’s head, freeing and turning the dragon back to normal.

Meanwhile, the other Heroes finds Surge, who got controlled by a Brain and created an army of blank Heroes to fight the Heroes. The Heroes fight the army while Breez goes to stop Surge from creating more blank Heroes to destroy the Factory. The blank Heroes may be mindless drones, but the Alpha 1 Team would get tired out if they keep on fighting. Breez removes the Brain from Surge, freeing him. Surge stops making more blank Heroes and shuts them down to end the fight.

The Brains are defeated and all of their possessed slaves are freed, ending their attack. The Heroes imprison the Brains and help repair the city that got damaged by the Brains. Surge changes his mind into wanting to help the citizens of the city repair it.

Meanwhile, two Hero Factory workers go into the hole to investigate it, and they find a bunch of Brains hiding there. They attack the workers.

That’s about it in the main storyline. This was never resolved. However, there are more adventures that involve the Brains. They were started when the Brains were heading to the Hero Factory’s planet, a solar storm split the swarm of Brains into two groups, one that arrived on the planet while the other went elsewhere.

The Heroes first encountered this group in a space ship called the Valiant. The Brains controlled the ship’s robotic crew there. However, the Heroes freed the crew from the Brains.

Later on, when Stringer was on another planet, he was attacked by the Brains and got controlled by one of them. The whole planet got attacked by the Brains while some members of a secret robotic conspiracy were doing a secret project, which was a weapon called Project Sunstorm that they would use to go against Hero Factory. The conspiracy used the Valiant to cover their intentions. The Heroes went to save Stringer and the whole planet from the Brains. When one of the conspiracy members named Karter was destroying the project, the Heroes arrested him because they wanted to examine the project and didn’t want it to be in the wrong hands.

Later on, some of the Alpha 1 Team, who are Stormer, Furno, Breez, and Bulk, accidentally got sent to an alternate universe by a power generator. The universe is where the Alpha 1 Team’s villainous enemies, Von Nebula, the Legion of Darkness, and Core Hunter, took over the universe, the Heroes were defeated and went into hiding, and the Brains are bigger, have wings that fly, can shoot powerful laser beams, and communicate telepathically. The prime universe’s Heroes helped this universe’s Heroes defeat the villains, repair Hero Factory, and save the universe from the villains. The prime universe Heroes then went back to their universe and find Karter, who was planning to destroy the Hero Factory, talking to the conspiracy’s leader with a communicator, but Stormer stopped him from destroying the factory and threatened the conspiracy’s boss. The boss killed Karter. The whole thing with the conspiracy went unresolved, too.


To celebrate, let me ask you this:

What are your fond memories about the storyline and/or what do you like about it?

For me, the Heroes look very cool. I like the new armor that have the locking clamps on their Hero Factory. The visors are pretty neat, as you can open and close them by flipping them over the Heroes’ helmets, but attaching them to the Heroes’ heads is weird. The design on the helmet are pretty good. I like that they are versions of the Heroes’ 2012 helmets.

I like Rocka’s sword and shield. I like that the shield has two blades that spin around. I like the secondary green color scheme on Rocka. I like Bulk’s drill weapon with the flick missile launcher and his shield. I like his secondary orange color scheme. Breez has a cool two-bladed weapon that looks like an archer bow. I also like her saw shield. I like the light green and dark green color schemes on her. I am too fond of Breez’s helmet being silver, though. I like that you can store those Heroes’ shields on their backs. Furno XL looks awesome with that form! I love his sword, shield, cape, and flame pieces!:D He looks a bit skinny for his XL form, though. Evo looks cool, and I like his staff with the two blades that bend and his dagger. I also like the fact that you can store the staff on Evo’s back. He doesn’t look like that he has water-based equipment, though. Stormer looks very cool. I love his sword, shield, flick missile launcher, and spiked armor. Surge looks very cool, and I like his electric weapon that can spin, like Pyrox’s staff, and wings that fold and have flick missiles. Jet Rocka looks very cool. I love his big jet pack, the weapons (the flick missiles, plasma blasters from the 2012 storyline, and the blades) on it, and the green and white color schemes!:D It’s quite interestingly weird that Rocka’s body got lengthened to make him look like a Titan figure in that set, though. I don’t like stickers in there, either. Too bad that there are no sets for Stringer or Nex. I mean, why didn’t they have their own 2013 sets? Bummer.:(

As for the villains, well, they look pretty cool. I love the squishy Brain pieces, and they are kind of cute. It’s cool that you can attach the Brains’ bodies onto the villains’ heads. Plus, how you can put the villains’ faces onto their faces is like Toa Metru’s masks from Bionicle 2001-2010. The Brains make the villain’s necks sort of stiff when you attach them, though.

Pyrox looks very cool! I love his spinning staff, claws, and horns, and he looks fearsome! Though, his big head is sort of stiff. Scarox has a neat gold color, and I love his claws and fangs, and the fact that he has four arms. His arms are sort of weird, though, because they are short. Bruizer’s name sure fits him because he is sure bulky and strong. I like his arm and the swing function in it. Cool. The arm is a little stiff, though. Ogrum looks cool and menacing. I like his fangs, frail, and vines, and it’s nice to see light green, dark green, and brown color schemes on him because he is based on a plant. He looks like that he is missing a fourth vine on his right hand, though. Plus, combining hands with his arms sure makes his arms look weird. Aquagon looks very cool, and I love his blue swords. Frost Beast’s name is kind of not creative. He would need a better name like his fellow monsters. However, he looks cool and menacing, and I like his bulky sword, claws, and spikes. Dragon Bolt is awesome, and I love his lightning pieces, tail, head that chomps, Brain that glows in the dark, and those giant wings that look like that it is made of blades!:D It’s neat that he has a button that you can use to flap his wings, and he’s big. Anyway, his name sounds like “lightning bolt”. Neat name. His body looks kind of disproportionate, though, as you can compare his head to his body. I wish that his Brain’s body would glow in the dark rather than just its eyes and spikes, too.

I see that most of the characters released in sets are based on Knights and medieval mythology, like how most of the Heroes look like knights, Pyrox looks like a Minotaur, Bruizer a rock golem, Ogrum an ogre, and Dragon Bolt a dragon. Plus, each of the Heroes have their own monster counterpart to fight against because of their similar abilities and traits. Here’s how it is:

1. Furno vs. Pyrox - red color and fire

2. Rocka vs. Scarox - gold color

3. Bulk vs. Bruizer - gray color, and Bruzier is based on rocks while Bulk has a drill. Plus, both of them are tough and strong guys.

4. Breez vs. Ogrum - green color, and Ogrum is based on plants while Breez has a sharp bow and saw shield.

5. Evo vs. Aquagon - yellow color and water

6. Stormer vs. Frost Beast - white color, ice, and spiked armor

7. Surge vs. Dragon Bolt - blue color, electricity, and flying


I wonder what would Stringer’s and Nex’s monster counterparts be and look like if the Heroes would have their own sets? I’ll bet they would be black and orange, respectively. Too bad that there are no such sets existed. Plus, there is no set for that mysterious villain who created and unleashed the Brains, either.:(

Anyway, I love the new pieces in the storyline. I like the new transparent heads, swords, Hero Factory shield pieces (two of them can connect to make an “H” for Hero Factory. Nice.), visors, Brain pieces, and those flame pieces. Nice choice of colors with those pieces in the sets as well, though I wish there are red heads for sets with red pieces. The flick missiles are neat.

As for the combo models, there are only seven, and each is made of one of the Heroes and its monster counterpart. These combo models look like Heroes getting upgraded as they have bulky features that belong to their monsters. They look very cool.:) They’re not canon, though.


As for the story and media, well, the story is pretty good, but could’ve been better. It doesn’t sound much. I mean, the only thing that the Brains did was to try to attack Hero Factory, and we don’t know who that villain is and why he did all of this. We don’t know anything about this conspiracy, either. Stringer and Nex weren’t involved with the battle in the city for some reason, either. Plus, Mission: Catch ‘Em and Cuff ‘Em from the 2012 storyline is still there. Shouldn’t it be done over with after the storyline is over? These are quite annoying.:( There is a little bit of character development, and there are some questionable things in the storyline. Surge was complaining about interacting with citizens, but Breez is trying to convince him to get used to it. Surge loves to do action outside of the factory. Plus, he is a funny guy who gets into funny situations, though, even if he is in danger. Lol (like when he tried to get a Brain away from him with his lightning blades, he accidentally shocked himself to dance like Michael Jackson uncontrollably). I like the he learned his lesson about interacting with the people, too. Breez is a cool Hero who is very talented. I don’t understand why she was too scared to talk to Brain-controlled animals. Lol. I’m glad that Bulk is able to figure things out rather than being just a fighter, and he used some references from The Avengers in 2012 (Captain America’s throwing shield move and Hulk Smash, as he said “Bulk Smash”). Lol. Since when Furno is the commander of many Hero teams? Man, he’s growing up fast, but why having this position for some reason? I like that Rocka is being productive when he was fighting Dragon Bolt alone. I mean, he used the jet pack to fight the dragon like how Optimus Prime from Transformers: Dark of the Moon used his jet pack. I don’t see much from Stormer or Evo, though, but I like that Stormer is a cool fighter whose weapons can freeze things and Evo can swim and fight underwater. Anyway, shouldn’t Evo and Rocka become veteran members of their team because of their actions? I think they should be (I don’t know about Nex, but I think he should be, too).

The Brains and their monsters are quite funny. Lol.

For the side characters, including Quadal, Daniella Capricorn, and her camera-bot, they are funny.

For the media, there is one 22-minute TV episode, three Secret Missions chapter books, and a guide book that is about the whole Hero Factory story from 2010 to 2013. The episode is alright, but could’ve been better. The animation is good, though there are some silly things. The normal Bruziers have two big arms before the Brains controlled them, the normal Frost Beasts have two claws before the Brains controlled them, Bulk and Breez not being in their 2012 forms, and the monsters’ weapons came out of nowhere. I like the humor, though. Man, the monsters in there are quite scary. The Brains are cute, though. Plus, I don’t know why Furno’s voice actor replaced in this episode, but I like Josh Keaton, man!:D Anyway, again, a short story, like a special. Sadly, that is the last episode to be played on TV. The chapter books are okay. It’s nice to see Stringer and Nex in one of them, and it’s interesting that there is that conspiracy. It would be cool that the conspiracy would have been the main villains in a future storyline, but it never happened. Plus, these books are the last chapter books, depressingly.:( The guidebook is very cool, and it provides some good and interesting intel.


There’s online and app game called Brain Attack, based on the storyline, where you play as your made-up Hero to fight the Brains and their monsters in different parts of the city by shooting at them. You can use codes from the sets’ Hero Core pieces to gain some points, so you can use them to buy some stuff easier. I played and liked the game. It was fun and a good game, though I feel that it is missing a few things.

There’s also an app where you can make your face look like one of the monsters. I don’t know what to say about it.

There’s also comics and Hero Factory’s website contents. Well, there is one comic issue that is about Jet Rocka fighting against two Dragon Bolts. It’s good and funny, but not the best issue. The website contents showed more alternate universes, which is, well, interesting. Plus, I remembered that Hero Factory’s website has this silly page that goes vertically when you scroll in it. The website has some interesting videos, and these vary a lot. Many of them are silly, and I like the ones that are about the Brains attacking the animals. It’s weird that the episode came out in the website first when being on TV for some reason, and I don’t know why the episode doesn’t show those videos completely. Not the best version of the website, but alright. Anyway, Lego provided instruction on combining the Furno XL set with the CHI Laval set from Legends of Chima to make a bulkier version of the Laval set that is more like Laval’s minifigure form. That’s spontaneous, but I find it cool.:)


Sadly, we have a lot of unresolved stuff here and there in the storyline. It’s a bit of a mess. Never did the 2014 storyline talked about them.


Overall, the storyline is not the best storyline, but it is good in a few ways. I believe that’s where Lego is having a budget problem that got worse than in 2012.:(


So, guys, what are your fond memories of the storyline, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite 2013 set, favorite character(s) in 2013, favorite moment in the storyline, what things remind you of the 2013 storyline, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are Furno XL, Stormer, Surge, Bulk, Pyrox, Aquagon, Frost Beast, Dragon Bolt, and Jet Rocka to be honest, and my favorite characters are Furno, Surge, Stormer, Rocka, and Dragon Bolt. I remember talking to my friends about the storyline five years ago and this year in Instagram.:) The things that remind me are:

1. Krang, the Utrom, and the Kraang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise - they are brain-like aliens who come to attack heroes’ home planet and mutate living beings into monsters (the 2012 storyline, at least).

2. Dr. Amino from the Ben 10 franchise - he mutated animals into his monstrous servants.

3. The Xenomorphs/DNAliens from Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - these evil creatures are like the Brains by latching onto their hosts’ heads to mind-control them.

4. Optimus Prime from Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 2011, Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014, and Transformers: The Last Knight in 2017 - In Dark of the Moon, Optimus has a jet pack with many weapons, like Rocka with his jet pack. In the other two movies, Optimus looks kind of like a knight and has a powerful sword, like the Heroes who have swords.

5. Nexo Knights - the Nexo Knights kind of remind me of the Heroes’ 2013 forms.

6. Tahu from Bionicle - Tahu is like Furno because they have fire powers and fire-based swords. Plus, Tahu’s 2015 look has similar legs as Furno’s.

7. Kopaka from Bionicle - Kopaka is similar to Stormer because they have ice powers, swords, shields, and special headwear that tells them things.

8. Umarak and the Elemental Beasts from Bionicle 2015-2016 - their faces remind me of Aquagon’s a little. Quake Beast and Bruzier has similar big right arms, and they are strong monsters that are based on rocks.

9. Lewa from Bionicle - Surge is like Lewa over there by accidentally looking for trouble. Lol.:D

10. The Toa Metru from Bionicle 2001-2010 - how you put the Brain Attack villain sets’ faces on their heads is like how you place the Toa Metru’s masks on their faces.

11. The Krana from Bionicle 2001-2010 - how the Brains control their hosts is like the Krana.

12. The Lightning Dragon from Ninjago - that dragon reminds me of Dragon Bolt.

13. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 2013 - that scene where the Dwarves and Bilbo Baggins fight Smaug by using their surroundings against him is like in the Brain Attack game where you use your surroundings to defeat Dragon Bolt.

14. The Skrill from DreamWorks’ Dragons TV show - that dragon reminds me of Dragon Bolt

15. Predaking from Transformers: Prime - that dragon-based character kind of reminds me of Dragon Bolt because of the head and the spiked tail. Both of them were introduced in 2013.

16. The Jaggerwocky from Alice in Wonderland in 2010 - that dragon kind of reminds me of Dragon Bolt because he shoots electricity from his mouth and has spikes.

17. Bionicle: The Legend Reborn in 2009 - the scene in the Hero Factory episode where normal Scarox was wandering in the desert is like that scene in B:TLR where Click was wandering in the desert while finding the Mask of Life.

18. Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014 - Electric shooting electricity from his mouth reminds me of Dragon Bolt.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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