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Happy 15th anniversary, Mask of Light movie! :)

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Hi, guys!:) Do you know what’s special about today. Well, I’ll tell you: It’s the 15th anniversary of a Bionicle direct-to-video movie called Bionicle: Mask of Light?:D It came out on September 16, 2003.


I know that I have this topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/26629-happy-15th-anniversary-mask-of-light-storyline-late-2003/?do=findComment&comment=1156304 , But that topic is about the summer 2003 set wave in general. This topic is about the movie itself only.


To celebrate, let me tell you the plot in the movie.

It is about two short bio-mechanical guys called Matoran, Takua and Jaller, being sent on a quest to find a heroic warrior called a Toa of Light that can save their home island from a dark and evil being called the Makuta. Takua and Jaller must survive dangerous threats, like Makuta's snake-like sons, the Rahkshi. Things get easier when there are other six heroes called the Toa Nuva to help Takua and Jaller on their journey.


Anyway, the movie is based on the summer 2003 set wave (well, most of it because there are also the comics). There is a novel based on the movie. There is also a video game called Bionicle: The Game sort of based on the movie.


I watched and liked the movie. It was epic, and I love the fight scenes the most! I also love the scene with Takutanuva. I love the soundtrack as well. My favorite characters in the movies are Tahu, Onua, Takanuva, and Makuta.:D


The movie won a few awards. Plus, the movie got two prequels in 2004 and 2005 and a sequel in 2009. The movie is also the first Lego direct-to-video movie and the first real Lego medium in general.


It is 3-D animated, and the characters in there look realistic to look like cyborgs that they are while still looking like their sets. There are a few inaccuracies, though, like the eye colors, and it’s weird some of the common masks in the story are common (ex: the Mask of Mind Control) while the others are exclusive to one person (ex: the Mask of Strength) and some of those are not seen at all (ex: the Mask of X-Ray Vision). However, I like the graphics in there, anyway.:) Man, the Rahkshi and Makuta are scary and menacing.


The movie, along with the prequels, is made by Miramax while the sequel is made by Tinseltown Toons and Universal for some reason.


I remember buying the DVD and watching the movie on the day the movie was released.:)


Anyway, what are your favorite parts of the movie, and how would you celebrate the movie’s anniversary? For me, well, I would rewatch the movie to celebrate. Also anyway, happy 15th anniversary, movie! Man, it was so long ago!:D

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I always like The mask of Light movie because i always have good memories of watching this and being amazed at seeing Takua and Jaller go on an adventure and meet all of the different Toa Nuva along the way.


As for me, some of my favorite parts of the movie are when Takua puts on the Mask of Light and also when Takanuva goes up against Makuta himself. These scenes stuck out to me because Takua putting on the Mask of Light is representative to me of him accepting his destiny and becoming who he was meant to be and I also like the scene with Makuta because Takanuva is going up against the big man himself. 


For me, I will probably rewatch the movie to celebrate this. :D

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Funny thing is, I actually didn't see this movie until a couple years after Web of Shadows came out (probably because the DVD got really hard to find for some reason). As a result, it doesn't trigger as much of a nostalgic feeling in me as the other two Miramax films do. However, since I watched it back when G1 was still happening (and before the fourth film came out), it certainly does have some level of nostalgia and I do enjoy watching it from time to time.


Despite its overall corniness and fairly dated animation, I think the film did a great job capturing the fantastical feel of the Bionicle universe and the tribal style of the storyline it was based on. There were some pretty cool action scenes and, surprisingly, a couple of genuinely touching moments. I loved how the characters were designed and animated; I know a lot of people complain about the characters not looking like the sets, but I personally appreciated that aspect as well as the overall aesthetic and vibrant colors of the film. While the dialogue is rather corny for most of the film, I felt the voice actors captured their roles pretty well and I enjoyed the over-the-top approach.


Of course, my absolute favorite element (no pun intended) of the movie will always be Nathan Furst's score. It not only gave the film a much-needed dose of atmosphere and emotion, but it somehow became one of the most amazing soundtracks ever put to film in my opinion. I was beyond thrilled when it finally came out last year along with the other two.


As for specific scenes, some of my favorites were the parts in Le-Koro and Ko-Koro, and the scene where Jaller dies and Takua transforms always hits me right in the feels. I also like how the Kohlii match at the beginning of the film mirrors the final battle at the end. My favorite scene, however, is probably when the Toa Nuva unite and defeat the Rahkshi once and for all. Not only is it a great and inspirational moment, but the cool effects, power combinations, and fun over-the-top dialogue really sell the scene, and it helps to make up for the fact that the Toa are sidelined for most of the film. My favorite character in the movie is definitely Lewa, who is also one of my favorite characters in the franchise.


All in all, Mask of Light was a great way to kick off the Bionicle film series and will always hold a special place in my heart. I think I'll celebrate by watching the soundtrack-only version of the film on YouTube while I do a bit of studying. Happy 15th, MoL:smiletakua:  :haunu:  :kaukaunu:  :kakamanu:  :mirunu:  :akakunu:  :pakarinu:  :smilejala:

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Guess it's time to watch it again!



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The music, and the visual style.


At the time, I'll grant, eleven-year-old me loved all of it; but in hindsight, those are my two favourite things. The score needs no real explanation, but it still gives me chills to hear the music, all these years later - biiiiiig fan of the fact that it finally got released! - and honestly? Listening to the score on its own, my memories of the scenes seem so much more epic than watching the actual scenes themselves would be these days!


And the visual style... the landscapes still look amazing, to my eye. They really captured the *essence* of Mata Nui, to my childhood mind and my adult perspective both, they made the world feel more real to me, even, than the MNOG did. And I know it's somewhat a controversial topic among the fandom, but I fell for the movie's character design style from the moment I saw the first movie-style images of Tahu on lego.com, and have loved it ever since. The more flexible and expressive masks; distinctive style of the yellow and red eyes; the way they adapted the look of those plastic Lego pieces into something that felt truly alive and breathing... I still love the character designs from the movie to this day. (I mean, do my avatar and banner give that fact away, or...? xP)


I think three of my favourite scenes, too, are Tahu's healing and subsequent awakening, Jaller's death / Takua's self-discovery, and Hahli's speech. Are they perfect? Definitely not... but I love them, all the same.


Aaaah, I love the smell of old nostalgia x3

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...what do you mean the soundtrack has been released?! *runs off to purchase it immediately*


I can't believe I missed the anniversary.  I'll leave my contribution to the topic, though, at least.


MoL was my introduction into the Bionicle franchise.  I was 9 years old, and I was hesitant to watch it at first.  But by the end of the movie, I was convinced that it was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  Needless to say, I've always been a bit biased towards it... I don't know what it's like to watch it as an adult, and a lot of the issues other people have with it I've never had.  I love the script, the music, the designs... admittedly, it isn't perfect, but I don't really mind its flaws.  The second and third movies didn't stick with me nearly as much and I have a hard time watching them.  I could really just go on and on about how much I love this movie... As an awkward kid who didn't really understand why I was different at the time, I really related with Takua, and he's remained my favorite character all these years for that reason.  It helped me realize that it's okay to be different, and that everyone has their part to play, even those who don't seem to fit into society.  Other favorites of mine are Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa.  Teridax terrified me as a kid, as did the Rahkshi, but I was fascinated with them too.  


My favorite scenes... you want me to pick one? Or even three? I don't think I can XD


In the end, though, I can say that this movie shaped me in a lot of ways.  In was a big influence in my art and writing and it really just defined my childhood as a whole.  I definitely prefer the island culture, fantasy concepts, and overall mystery the Mata Nui saga had, and I probably always will.  For a long time I thought I was the only one, but I'm glad to see that's not the case.


Overall, I still watch Mask of Light, and I will for years to come.  It is definitely my favorite movie of all time.  And without it, I never would have discovered this wonderful franchise.  After all, when I was a kid, Bionicle was considered to be a 'boy' thing.  A lot of people had a hard time understanding how a girl could like Bionicle.  But it was the story I fell in love with, and the story that keeps me going long after gen 1 has ended.


I'd like to write a detailed analysis and write my opinion of it someday... maybe in the description of some fanart if I ever get the courage to draw any of the characters.

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