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The Misira Nui Chronicles [Review Topic]

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Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I love your epic so far! 

You drew a parallel in the last posted chapter that kind of touches on that, drawing parallels to your characters' world and Mata Nui. In particular, your chapter titles remind me of '01 Mata Nui, and the few other lines of the same language throughout the story, and it's intriguing. I think you've done a great job recapturing the sort of myth and wonder that surrounds what a Toa hero is, also reminiscent of early G1. The culture you've been able to construct and populate with diverse Matoran is cohesive and expansive. You do a good job of giving enriching details of their world without lapsing into narrator/author worldbuilding monologue, which is super. I love the tension you've been building, starting with an exciting discovery of mysterious Toa-stones, and then adding the ominous element that keeps building of impending disaster. Your characters are very distinct from one another, and it will be awesome to see how they have to learn to work together (or not) to do whatever it is that Toa do. 

I also was briefly able to check out your art page that's linked on your bzp profile - blown away! Really brings the story to life, it was like an awesome bonus after finishing the most recent chapter update. 

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the adventure! 

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(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau)
Those pesky firespitters... 
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