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Fikou-Nui, City of Spiders

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31673897298_0cd1d4a26e_m.jpg - 31673897278_f8dc462a9c_m.jpg - 31673897008_5a1df77b4d_m.jpg- 31673897478_b663a5391e_m.jpg


Crafted by the Great Beings, the Fikou-Nui is a massive spider that holds a city within its body. It welcomes all spiders, from the organic to the bionic to the purely robotic. It scurries across the land, bringing prosperity to all spiders wherever it goes.


The concept was to build a technic metropolis inside the domed body of a spider. (I was tempted to test the theme by making a 7 or 9 legged spider, or a spider with 8 arms but no legs, but a generic 6 legs seemed like a safer bet.) The inner city is a bit random and colorful, but I'd like to think that there are certain residential and industrial areas, just not defined by color. The legs were a bit more problematic to make, and while I ended up having enough black elements to make them fairly monotone, it does kind of all blend together in the photos. The legs can actually support the body... but just barely, so I've included a support beneath the body that is slightly visible in a few shots. And this MOC is fairly sizable too, almost too wide for my photography setup. Hopefully the pictures I got managed to convey the idea that I was going for here. At the very least, I haven't seen any other entries attempt to Mata-Nui-fy up a spider, so I have originality points, yay!



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Love the colors in the city and the variety of buildings! This was a great idea. I like the feet you chose for the end of the legs.  Nice silver splashes with the Bohrok-Kal shields.

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The concept is really inspired and the size impresses me, but the legs just don't look right to me.

I'd actually have something of substance to say here, but I'm too lazy to think of anything.  >_< Er, have some BZPRPG profiles, I guess?


I used to help Dominus Temporis with writing MLWTB back in the day, even if I was really terrible at it.  If anyone's in contact with him, could ya help me get in touch?   :)

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