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Hapori Tohu

LEGO Batman Movie Getting a Sequel?

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Recently LEGO movie director, writer, and producer Chris McKay made a tweet to suggest that we might be seeing a sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie at some point in the future. After next February's The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, the only film that has been officially announced is The Billion Brick Race, which we haven't heard too much about. Obviously that doesn't mean there aren't more movies in development though. Are you interested in another LEGO Batman solo adventure? Let us know in the Talkback!


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Sure. I wanna see Batman fight against Ra’s al Ghul and probably the Mad Hatter and Hush as Ra’s’ henchmen. It’s just that they appeared in the first Lego Batman video game in 2008, like the others in the first film, so I would love to see them in there.:)


Speaking of DC Comics, how about a Lego Marvel one just to make things even. Lego Marvel is successful as much as Lego DC. I know there is a thing with Disney and Marvel’s characters film rights problems, but I hope Lego would work this out somehow for the fans’ convenience. It’s just that there are fans arguing here and there.


Don’t forget the Lego Ninjago one. I know that the first film got mixed reviews, but it needs some redemption. Plus, I wanna see the Ninja fight other villains, like Master Chen and the Overlord and find a cure to Lord Garmadon’s evilness.


Plus, a movie about a constraction theme, like a Bionicle movie unless someone wants to make a live-action Bionicle movie with humans, which would work better. Constraction like Bionicle needs some love and redemption.


I know I may be asking a lot, but there are many things that need redemption and chances to shine.:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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