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Hero Factory Legacy, anyone?

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Hi, guys!:) I know that Hero Factory ended 5 years ago, but if you are aware that Ninjago’s new wave of sets, Legacy, is basically a wave of remastered sets from the past in a modernized (with new pieces), we could think about remasters of Hero Factory sets to cheer ourselves up. Plus, Hero Factory is kind of successful, very strong theme at that, and is the second best constraction theme, so it should have this kind of treatment to have us think fondly of the past, but in a modernized way. People tend to think about the remasters nowadays.


So, what sets would you like to be remastered? For me, well, here’s some stuff:

1. Preston Stormer - his Breakout form, but be more icy

2. William Furno - his Breakout form, but be like more fiery

3. Daniel Rocka - his Breakout form, but give him a sword and make his arms even

4. Dunkan Bulk - his Breakout form, but give his a big main gun, like a large cannon, or a drill.

5. Jimi Stringer - his Breakout form, but his secondary colors would be either yellow or orange, or just blue as it is.

6. Mark Surge - his Breakout form

7. Natalie Breez - her Breakout form

8. Julius Nex - his Breakout form, but give him a hand (literally) and another pair of Hero Cuffs

9. Nathan Evo - his Breakout form, but also give him a hand (literally) and make his arms even

10. XPlode and Rotor pack - Their arms need to be fixed. Plus, make his spikes shoot like guns, like in the TV show. Rotor’s arms need to have hands as well. Plus, put eye holes in his helmet.

11. Corroder and Meltdown pack - again, their arms need to get fixed (make Corroder’s arms bend-able) and give them actual hands.

12. Thunder - again, his arms need to be fixed and give him hands and the Nebula Gas Cannon. Plue, well, probably make him able to curl up like a ball. Plus, make the guy look symmetrical.

13. Vapor - again, his arms need to be fixed and give him hands.

14. Von Nebula - again, fix his arms and the place where his head is. Also, well, make his design look more impressive.

15. Drilldozer, Nitroblast, and Jetbug pack - make their heads look more unique and fix Drilldozer’s and Nitroblast’s arms and make them even.

16. Fire Lord

17. The Witch Doctor - make him look symmetrical and fix his arms and legs. Plus, give him a hand (literally) and his head look like an actual head.

18. Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, and Splitface pack - give TR and Splitface hands and make Jawblade’s wrists being able to get cuffed

19. Thornraxx and XT4 - make them look less weird. I mean, make Thornraxx look more like a bug with legs, give XT4 hands and make his head look less weird. Also, make their torsos less weird and bigger.

20. Core Hunter - well, fix his torso, make his Hero Core Removal Tool able to actually grab things, and make his wrists able to get cuffed. Make his arms not stubby, either.

21. Speeda Demon - well, I would imagine his vehicle being modernized.

22. Black Phantom and Voltix pack - well, probably make BP’s Arachnix drone red. Also, make Voltix’s arms not stubby. Plus, make him shoot from his horn-like things on the sides of his heads.


Lego should really remaster those guys to help fans relive memories. This would be split into two waves and hopefully be less expensive. Perhaps put them in packs. I never included the vehicle, 2013, 2014, the enslaved animal sets much because they’re not as great as the ones that I listed. I know I put a lot of stuff in my list, but to be honest, I’m going with the Heroes the most because they are the main characters in general. Plus, it would be cool to have Von Nebula and Black Phantom and Voltix because they are like some of my favorite villains, too.:)


What about you guys? What sets would you like remastered?:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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