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Metru Nui Online Translated Secret Story Area

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As part of my attempt to help document everything in Takua's Metru Nui Online Game, I have translated the secret hidden story within the game.  I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if I am in error, I would certainly thank the moderation team if they were to move this thread to it's proper location.


Inserted below is the translated hidden story.


Short circuit the parable of Alicia we begin our tale in the lofty towers of Ko Metru where a matoran makes a strange discovery...

Alicia examined her invention as outsider would be confused by the arcane series of pressurizers pumps electrical contacts and humidifiers but having built it herself Alicia understood exactly what parts were what the had recently loaded seawater protodermis into one end of the machine and now it had passed through entirely filling a jar with purified and more importantly energetic protodermis Alicia had done the impossible she had created a machine that turned seawater into an energy source her invention would revolutionize the energy of Metru Nui she merely needed to bring it to mother Angela.

Someone knocked on the door to Alicia's surprise it was someone she recognized. "Nuparu what are you doing here?" Nuparu stepped through the doorway to the crystal room his eyes gazed quickly around scanning and searching finally they settled on the machine. "Honey, there are a few things you shound know." He said, Alicia's eyes narrowing. "The first is that you can't give a woman credit where a man deserves it. Second your invention is merely a copy ." He was cut off by the sound of smashing glass. His eyes opened wide as he looked beyond Alicia to the Window behind her as he watched it smashing into a thousand pieces.

"Freeze! Don't anybody move!" Standing in the window was the onu matoran advisor, he stood in an airship and pointed a disk launcher directly at Nuparu. "You are in posession of a machine that turns sea water into protodermis!" Nuparu wordlessly shook his head and pointed at Alicia who frowned at him. "That is not in the interest of the onu-matoran! This machine could ruin our protodermis based economy! If that were commonplace, we stand to lose hundreds of jobs." The advisor said this. "I shall destroy you and the machine" "Destroy us does Dume does know about this?" Alicia burst out. The advisor smiled, "He does not need to know."

Nuparu spluttered, "But please, maybe we can work something out?" The advisor merely smiled, "There is no discussion it was unfortunate that you had to arrive at this time." "But please, I'll leave, I'll change my name, I'll get colored contacts!" "There is no need to shame shame yourself before death, go out like a man, Nuparu!" The advisor chuckled and clicked the safety off the disk launcher. "Farewell." But Alicia was not ready to say good bye she was slowly backing up to the machine a metal object closed in her hand.

Too late the advisor swung his disk launcher around. "Freeze!" He yelled, but Alicia had already flung the metal object into a small chest outside of the window. "What was that?" The advisor demanded. Alicia smiled. "A voice recorder," She responded smugly, "Its currently on its way to Mother Angela, She'll show it to Dume, so unless want your reputations ruined I would suggest you both go and get it." The advisor stormed out the window, frowned and cursed. "Don't think you've gotten off altogether." He said, "I'll stop this vile machine some other way." He turned back into the airship. Nuparu, no longer under the eye of the disk launcher, dashed out the door as the airship flew away. Alicia slowly made her way back to the safety of the lower floors. That had been a close call and she would have to watch out for that advisor in the future, but in the end she had the last laugh. There had never been any voice recorder.


I am currently documenting and recording the Metru Nui Online Game on Youtube and Dailymotion.

My Discord: Link

(My avatar is from the Legend of the Toa total conversion mod for Skyrim.)

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Dude, the MeNOG was awesome. Great job finding this, and good lick finding more. If you can pull resources from it, that'd be so awesome.

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