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Kopaka, Maiden of Ice

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This is the first of many G2 MOCS I have already posted on my Twitter account (@CyclonatorZ). They are part of a G2 headcanon I have devised that throws out basically everything written by a third party (so, yeah, pretty much everything other than the shorts.), and also changes or expands upon many other story elements. My Kopaka is based heavily on the Warcraft character Jaina. I got the inspiration from the massive shoulder pads both Kopaka Master and Kopaka Uniter with Ketar have.


(Please excuse the slightly poor quality of the picture. This was the first I took using my smartphone camera. I've gotten much more adept at using it since then.)

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I have slept for so long. My dreams have been dark ones. But now I am awakened. Now the scattered elements of my being are rejoined. Now I am whole. And the Darkness can not stand before me.

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