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Autism Awareness Month! (April)

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so in case nobody on here knows this already; April is Autism Awareness Month! 


what is Autism? it is a learning disability that was finally recognized and kids (or adults) with Autism can be helped with learning subjects in school or even home-school and even graduate from school if they did what their told! 


the Autism Spectrum has an array ov different types ov Autism! for example; i am higher functioning than people below me on the Spectrum! therefore i say and do things that lower functioning Autistic folks don't do! on the lower end there are folks that'll sometimes speak or not speak at all! then there is also people with Down Syndrome which still falls under the Autism Spectrum! there are also people that will speak weird because they have a Speech Disorder! which, again, falls under the Autism Spectrum! Asperger Syndrome exists too!  


up until the early 1990's Autistic people were often judged! the parents ov an Autistic person didn't know how to deal with them! so they were put in mental institutions for their 'bad behavior' as the Autistic person was not acting like a 'normal' person! 


in the early 1990's Autism was finally being studied and up until now-a-days those who are diagnosed with Autism receive special help! programs were developed and Autistic kids are treated with a lot more respect now-a-days! 


now some Autistic people could be touchy-feely and others will probably scream if you touch them! i've never experienced this so i have no opinion on it! but if you know an Autistic person and they are not touch-sensitive, give them a hug because they deserve it! :)


so what are your opinions on Autism? 

do you know someone with Autism (besides me)? 


let me know how you feel about Autism! 

remember; Autistic people are God's children too just like everybody else (except Isis)! :)


thank you! :)

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