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Looking for voice actors and music composer

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Hello, I'm currently working on a 3d animated project for a continuation of the bionicle Journey to One Netflix series, to fill in a lot of plot holes and hopefully give G2 a better story.


The episodes will be released as they are finished and unfortunately not on a weekly basis. The casting as well will be done prior to the release of each episode so as to not keep the actors waiting possibly months before the script is sent. Do also keep in mind that if you decide to voice a character and are chosen to do so, that you will be contacted (via PM with more details) for the duration of that character's existence but since the project doesn't have a concrete schedule you can voice the character almost at your leisure but preferably within the week of receiving the script. You may audition for as many characters as you like but please be sure that you can keep the voice you have auditioned as and be consistent in it. Even if a character has been cast you may still want to audition for it as I may find a different character that would fit with a voice from another character's inspiration, because I would like to keep some characters secret due to potential spoilers. The list of available characters will be posted on here whenever they will be introduced into the series.


The other asset I'd be very happy to have would be a music composer so the series can have original music. As a guideline the music should be reminiscent of the original MNOG style with it's mystery and island vibe but more cinematic (and less videogame) and with darker tones. The composer should also be ready to compose several scores.


Anyone may audition whether they have extensive experience or not, as long as you have a good mic and passion (raw talent wouldn't go to waste either) you may audition.


At the moment the characters I have are Ekimu and Vizuna (the protector of jungle). You may take inspiration for their voices as you please but I will place guidelines nonetheless.


Ekimu: He has led many to believe that Makuta has been defeated, whether or not he thinks it's true, to give the villages security. He believes that it's his responsibility to undo what Makuta has done. In his mind only when the villages are united will no force on Okoto bring the misery and destruction that Makuta and others have done in the past.


Vizuna: He can be prideful like the large trees of the jungle that move for no one, he can be hard to correct if his error has only minor consequence (especially if it's regarding his sensor tail). Vizuna has been scarred by the loss of many of his villages due to possessed Rahi roaming the jungles. He can be hard to predict by his fellow protectors but he will always come through when it counts.


The style of the show will be like my previous animation which can be found on the link below.



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