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Best teacher figure in Bionicle?

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Hi, guys!:) School is a bad place to be because of the homework, but there are people who are willing to help you learn about stuff in life. Plus, family figures can make great teachers.

In Bionicle, there are many characters that act like teachers and some even have jobs as teachers. Here’s some characters that I believe are teacher figures or just teachers:

1. The Turaga of Mata Nui - Technically, Vakama does the teaching often because he was the leader of the Toa Metru, and he taught some Toa and Matoran to encourage them.

2. Gali - She is like an older sister figure for her team.

3. Nokama - She did work as a teacher when she was a Matoran.

4. Teridax - He did tell some people about many things about the Matoran Universe.

5. Ackar - He is a teacher who taught his fellow Glatorian and Mata Nui about professional fighting.

6. Mata Nui - You know, when he was the ruler of the Matoran Universe, he did learn a lot about unity, so he did teach people in Bara Magna about unity before they defeated their enemies in Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.

7. Metus - He taught Glatorian about fighting before he went rogue.

8. The Rahaga - They did guide the Toa Hordika during their adventures.

9. The Protectors - Well, they were following the prophecy, so they guided the Toa Masters on things before they got the Golden Masks.

10. Ekimu - He did teach the Toa Masters and Protectors about masks and fighting, despite having vowed to not tell the entire prophecy.

11. Makuta G2 - He did tell Umarak about the Maze and the Mask of Ultimate Power.

12. Lhikan - When he became a Turaga, he did teach the Toa Metru about their Mask powers and some other things.

13. Helryx some of her fellow Order of Mata Nui members - She is quite knowledgeable about things in the Matoran Universe.


So, yeah. Who did you think did the best job at teaching? For me, well, I would go with Lhikan, Vakama, Ackar, and Ekimu. They make good father figures, I’d say.:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Not necessarily. He was also rather fond of amputation.

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