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The Rise and Fall of the Skrall Empire

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 The Final History of the Skrall Part one: The Monarchy
What follows may be the last record of our people that is untainted by the lies and herecies of the unfaithful.
       Our history begins when the first emperor, Renliss the Great, united the Skrall people and forged a massive empire that stretched from Bota Magna to the Skrall river. He organized the populance into five classes: the emperor and preist classes ruled, followed by the leader, elite, warrior, and non-Skrall. Then, he set up an alliance with King Nectanebo of the Rock kingdom. After him came Tasha the magnificent, Onua, Renliss II, Recusant the empress, Absalom the usurper, Zalo the restorer, Tasha II, Otak the heretic, and Renliss III.
       During the reign of the eleventh emperor,Nezco, the Great Beings arrived. They came bringing advancements unheard of, longer life, and wonders beyond imagination. But Asho the  high priest saw through their deception, and revealed what they truly were, liers, deceivers, and spreaders of the herecies of Shazo the dark one. But none listened. The poison of the Great Beings spread rampant. Only king Anu of the Iron tribe openly opposed them, but a plague struck killing Anu and decemating the populance. After Nezco came Baen.
        After Baen came Zalo II. During his reign a leader class Skrall collaberated with the Great Beings and became the High Heretic, the Element Lord of Rock. The Great Beings wanted to foricbly unite the Skrall Empire  and the Rock Kingdom under this Element Lord. Alarmed, Prince Renliss made an alliance with King Wanshu of the Rock Kingdom , and Lord Karzo of the Vorox Emirate to combat the Element Lords.
        Lord Karzo assembled an army of 40,000 of his finest soldiers to attack the Element Lord of Sand. Little did he know the Element Lord had assembled an army of 622,000 warriors. The battle was a massacre. Only Karzo and two dozen of his soldiers escaped into the desert. A day later he was murdered by one of his bodyguards.
        The Rock Kingdom was quickly overrun. But Atero ,the capitol, was beseiged for two weeks. At the end of the seige the Element Lords armies broke through the defenses, took the city, and set the palace ablaze. Wanshu and a thousand of his warriors held off the enemy long enough to escape, but they were defeated four days later at Gatherers Ridge.
       Then the Element Lords combined armies seized Roxtus our capitol and killed NezcoII. Only Prince Renliss and his army was left. They smashed the Element Lord of Waters army at Tankor Zatt and took the city. There he was crowned Emperor Renliss IV. After twelve days the enemy arrived. Their 847,000 against our 12,000. The Faithful were slain mercilessly, until only Renliss was left. He proclaimed that it was better to die than live under the rule of the Faithless. He grabbed a banner of the Skrall Empire and jumped off the battlements. His body was never recovered. The Unfaithful had won and the old ways were forgotten.
Part 2: The Core War
        Two hundred and forty two years after the monarchy was abolished the ice tribe discovered energized protodermis. It had the power to create ........ or destroy. The Element Lords met to discuss the fate of the substance, but no agreement was made. The Element Lord of Ice prepared his troops to defend the spring where the substance was found. A coalition against him was formed but quickly fell apart. Soon, a six way civil war was raging on the planet.
        Early into the war, a group of rock glatorian scientists set upon weaponizing the Shazo Exploration Project. Their goal was to create a interdimensional weapon for instantaneous travel to the spring. From this project the Shadow Zone (A.K.A. The Field of Shadows.) was discovered. However, before the project was complete the city where it was being devoloped, Sargon Akkad, was set upon by enemy forces of the other five factions mostly consisting of Agori had agreed to unite against this threat. General Kulta,  unaware that those in close proximity to the weapon suffered massive amounts of tissue decay, ordered the prototype device to be used to escape. However, there was an accident, Kulta, the city , and all in a five kilometer radius vanished without a trace. Only the gods know their fate.  Horrified, the Great Beings brought the Element L ords to the peace table in a effort to reassert their dominance, but the talks failed.
          The war waged for twelve terrible years more. Stronius in command of an army of 72,000 warriors, 127 fliers, a division of Chatak armored tanks, and 43,000 rock steeds launched a massive campaign. They routed Tarixes water tribe army at Leins drift. Then, they ambushed a company of Vorox led by Kabrua, before assualting the ice tribes position at the spring. Sadly, he was repulsed. Weakened, the ice tribe fell prey to the fire tribe, who set off the Shattering.
            While the other tribes cast off their Element Lords the rock glatorian, already decimated from the accident at Sargon Akkad, remained fanatically loyal to the point of worshipping the Element Lord. He and his followers fled into the mountains. Our people made Tuma, who wanted to restore the old ways, our leader. Our armies set off in pursuit of the Element Lord. The fanatic rock glatorian began a vicious guerilla campaign against us. After many savage years of fighting we took their last stronghold and slew them all. However the Element Lord escaped, but we found him on the mountainside. He slew many of our warriors, but the great warrior Tanlo paid the ultimate price driving a lance into the  Element Lords heart. The Core War was over.
Part 3: Empires End
         Under Tumas leadership we thrived. But then the Baterra came. They destroyed nearly all of our cities, and then massacred our greatest soldiers at the battle of the silent forest. Our last city was beseiged from a certain perspective, most of our scouts and parties searching for supplies never returned. However one party was able to retrieve some firewood, and they brought it into the city. The Baterra were shapeshifters, and they were the firewood. The city was set ablaze, and Tuma led our remnant in retreat. Sadly this invasion killed nearly all of our females. The only ones left was the fanatical Order of the Sisters of the Skrall, and their teachings were to heretical to come south with us. Thus we left them in the safety of a hidden monastery.
       Tuma led us to take up residence in the abandoned city of Roxtus, and we observed the desert villages for three years and plotted our next move. The conquest of these villages was a key component of Tumas plan to defeat the Battera when they came south. While the agori villagers were watching the glatorian tournament at Atero we struck in a attempt to eliminate our foes in one fell swoop. We sacked Atero and then waited ,instilling fear in our enemies. We allied with the Bone Hunters under Fero and they raided (but failed) the city of Vulcanus. Three months after the fall of Atero we conquered Tajun. Then much to our dismay the villages united under the old Core War general Ackar. Then the alien warrior Mata Nui, who had aligned himself with the villages, challenged  Tuma to one on one combat. Sadly Tuma was killed, and a force of glatorian warriors led by Ackar attacked. Our ice agori ally Metus attempted to rally our forces, but he soon fled the battle. Our remnant scattered. Roxtus had fallen.
        Our people were united no longer. One group was defeated by Mata Nui and some glatorian. When the giant ones arrived and clashed with each other, another group sought to take advantage of the chaos and exact revenge. Alas, they perished. The great general Stronius has kept nearly a hundred warriors united and they are currently in hiding. Some have revoked their honor and have joined forces with some of the aliens that arrived during the gient ones battle. Us, the remaining faithful, number nearly a dozen, and are led by Branar. We head north to Bota Magna. There we shall discover our destiny.

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