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your first set and beyond (do as much as you like)

sets bionicle years cool lego

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#1 Offline willstorm2

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  • 09-June 19
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Posted Jun 09 2019 - 11:06 PM

Nostaligc question i know.


Tell me your first set, and tell me the sets you got that year and the sets in following years. Dont go all the way Because memory thing and you donnt want to.


Just do as much as you like one set, your first 5 sets, your first 15, etc do however many you want,i just feel loney in only doing this with myself.

I am the question asker. Just thought i'd do mine and also set a template.


My brother was also into bionicles, and he is olde than me, so he started it out. I consider our collection to be together. He was born1996, so he was about 7 here. i as about 2.i was born 2000 so just go with the year for my actual year. yeah im 18 now unforatenly

My brother got Bohrok Va blue one in 2002. I played with it and messed it up and he got mad. 1st set


My brother (possibly, dont really know. 2 set


My brother got ToaMetru Matau in 2004. 3rd set


My brother got Green visorak in 2005. 4th set


My brother got Toa Iruini in 2005. 5th set


My brother got Piraka Zaktan in his birthday (December 11) in 2005. 6th set


I got Piraka Hakann. Probably my first set (how cute) in 2006. 7th set


My brother got Toa Inika Nuparu, Kongu, Hahli, Matoro, Jaller and theOther one i forget, in a "I dont know" order.

green, blue, white, red, black, brown


My brother got Kalmah in late 2006 or early2007.


My brother gotPridak and I gotEhlek.


Think his missing some parts so we just used them to build my Ehlek. My dad made him do that. I kinda felt bad for him, but hey, I got my Ehlek.


My brother allegedly got Toa Mahri Nuparu, hewkii and I got hahli but her parts broke ######.


I got Maxilos and Spianx for my birthday.


We got PhantokaPohatu,Lewa,Antroz and Vamprah for us on Easter 2008. (love you mom)

Chrox cam shortly after.

We got Strakk and I tried to build him but couldn't, so my brother just built him. I was only 8 guys.


2 WeGot Malumand Gresh on Easter 2009, Because I complained that we didn't get any bionicles that year, so later that day they were like "the easter bunny came and these guys were hiding" or some funny thing like that. 


We got Tarix later. Well, my brother did. I had nothing to do with him being built.


We got Berix andRaanu I think.


We got Glatorian Legends Mata Nui, Ackar, Vastus, Stronius (2x bcuz our friend gave his oursBcuz he couldn build him),

I got Tuma, Axalarah T9, Rockoh T-3, baranus v7 for my bday.


My brother got Mistika Tahu, Onua, and i gotKrika. we didnt get any more misitka,but I wish we got the other.

We got all the bionicle stars. 

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#2 Online Downfall

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  • 01-March 18
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Posted Jun 10 2019 - 02:16 PM

Erm... This isn't where you'd put this. This should be in Bionicle Discussion, since this is more for questions about the forums. I would recommend reposting it there.
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#3 Offline The 1st Shadow

The 1st Shadow
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Posted Jun 10 2019 - 02:23 PM

Ooh, I used to keep really good track of this.


I know my first Bionicle set ever was the original Gali, followed shortly by Lewa and Kopaka. After that, it was the Gahlok Va, Lehvak Va, and Kohrak Va (bought at the same time, built in that order), and they were followed by Pohatu Nuva. Somewhere in here, my dad got me the Tarakava as a reward for beating him and my uncles to the top of Mt St Helens. After that, it was the Gahlok Kal, followed by Lewa Nuva, Tahu Nuva, Gali Nuva (I might have bought Macku somewhere around the same time as GN), Kopaka Nuva, and Onua Nuva was the last of those. Between Gali and Kopaka Nuva, I got the Pahrak Kal, and after Onua, I got Lehvak Kal and Kohrak Kal. After that, we start getting into stuff I got for my birthday in 2003, which included Guurahk and Takanuva. Possibly the Vohrak, though I may have bought that with my birthday money later on.

I don't remember too much else after that. I have my canister sets in order of when I purchased them, but I'm not at home right now, so can't do that. Titans and small sets I'd have to do from memory.



Erm... This isn't where you'd put this. This should be in Bionicle Discussion, since this is more for questions about the forums. I would recommend reposting it there.

Or ask one of the Staffers to move it.  :notsure:

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#4 Offline ShadowBionics

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Posted Jun 10 2019 - 04:50 PM

Okay, let's see if I can remember this. My memory might be a little hazy, but I can more or less remember when and where I got the sets I've obtained.


2001: Onua, first ever set at K Mart (now closed). Followed by Gali and Lewa, then Tahu, then Pohatu, and then Kopaka because he was always sold out. Got the 6 Turaga later.


2002: I think it was Lehvak or Korahk. Maybe Lerak. K Mart for both. Then Tahnok. Nuhvok, Gahlok, and Pahrak I got together. Got the Bohrok Va off ebay. Got the Nuva as a birthday gift off ebay. Built Lewa first. Got the Boxor from K Mart. Got the Bahrag on clearance from Wal Mart, but closer to 2003.


2003: I bought all the Bohrok Kal at once, but I don't remember who I built first since at that point I was burned out from building the same model twelve times. Wal-Mart for them. Panrahk, Guurahk, and Kurahk from K Mart, Vorahk, Turahk, and Lerahk from Wal Mart...? Got Takanuva, then Jaller/Gukko, Takua/Pewku. All from K Mart. Got Makuta December 26 at K Mart. And he was literally the only toy on the shelf on that day, not joking. Then the 2004 Matoran (see below). Eventually got Takutanuva, but in 2005 off ebay.


2004: Toa Vakama or Ahkmou. Got him Christmas 2003, so don't know if I should count him, but he's for sure meant to be a 2004 set. Wal Mart for both. Following Ahkmou, Vhisola, Nuhrii. Then Orkahm, Tehutti, and Ehrye. Don't remember where. Then Whenua (K Mart), then Nokama, Matau, Onewa, and Nuju (Wal Mart). Zadakh was my first Vahki, K Mart. Followed by Rorzakh, Bordakh, Nuurakh... "green Vahki" because I can't remember right now. K Mart and Wal Mart. Nidhiki from K Mart, Dume/Nivawk and Krekka from Wal Mart. Then Keerakh at K Mart. Got Ultimate Dume off ebay in 2005.


2005: Vakama Hordika or  Rahaga Gaaki. I got her December 2004, don't know if she counts like with Ahkmou. Ebay for Vakama, Wal Mart for Gaaki. The Rahaga I got from Wal Mart at different times. Then the rest of the Hordika at Wal Mart after. Now here's where my memory gets real bad. I think I Got Boggarak, Keelerak, and Vohtarak off Lego Shop. Got the last 3 Visorak from K Mart. Got Roodaka, Sidorak, and Keetongu at TRU. Got Voporak at Target. Got Iruini at K Mart. Then got the Hagah 2-Pack at Wal Mart (I was fine with 2 Iruini's).


2006: Reidak or  5/6 the Matoran since I got them all for Christmas the previous year like with Gaaki. Got Dalu later. No idea who I built first from them. K Mart for Reidak, TRU for the Matoran, K Mart for Dalu. With Reidak, Vezok and Avak from K Mart. Hakann at K Mart. Thok from K Mart. Zaktann from Wal Mart. Irnakk at Wal Mart. Jaller, Hahli, Kongu, Matoro, Vezon/Fenrakk, and Brutaka at TRU. Axonn off Lego Shop. Hewkii and Nuparu at K Mart. Vezon/Kardas at Target.


2007: All 4 small sets (Defilak first) from Lego Shop. And I forget which Barakki I got first. Nocturn at Wal Mart. And then literally all the main summer sets at Wal Mart at once. Built Hahli first. Then Karzahni at TRU, then Lesovikk from Wal Mart.


2008: Pohatu from K Mart. Antroz and Radiak from Wal Mart. Vamprah and Chirox at K Mart. Kopaka at Wal Mart (eventually) I forget when I got the other Matoran. Mutran/Vican from Wal Mart. Icarax from TRU. Onua, Gorast, and Takanuva off Lego Shop. Everyone else at Wal Mart, including Mazeka. Rockoh K Mart, Axalara TRU, Jetrax (Blue) Target.


2009: Gresh from K Mart. Most everyone from K Mart. In fact, I think all the winter wave except Strakk, got him from Wal Mart. Kiina, Vastus, Ackar from TRU. Gelu K Mart. Stronius K Mart. Mata Nui K Mart. The Vehicles came from K Mart and TRU, don't remember too well. Mata Nui titan from TRU.


2010: Takanuva or Gresh, can't remember. I might've got them from Wal Mart. The rest of the Stars from TRU. Tahu was the last one


2015: I got Tahu and Kopaka together, but I built Tahu first, I think. From Lego Shop


2016: I got Gali, Pohatu, and Akida the same time. I think I built Akida first. All from Wal Mart.



And that's all I wrote because I don't remember too well anymore.

Edited by ShadowBionics, Jun 10 2019 - 05:13 PM.

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#5 Offline Black Six

Black Six
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Posted Jun 10 2019 - 09:29 PM

Tahu and Vakama off the back of the LEGO Club Magazine.

Moving to Bionicle Discussion...

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#6 Offline Pohaturon

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  • 11-March 07
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Posted Jun 11 2019 - 05:34 AM

I got Pohatu Mata back in 2001 the first day the local toy store got Bionicle sets on the shelves, and I remember getting Kopaka Mata as my second when we went on a family vacation. Funny how it later turned out that they became friends in the storyline. Don't remember the order in which I got the rest. 



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#7 Offline Cheesy Mac n Cheese

Cheesy Mac n Cheese
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Posted Jun 11 2019 - 08:14 AM

Pohatu...probably either Toys R Us or Target. Actually, I got Maku maybe an hour later the same day at McDonald’s (so it was probably September).

I’m leaning towards Tahnok for 2002, probably Toys R Us.

2003 was definitely Pahrak-Kal, I think it was a gift.

2004 was definitely Matau, also a gift.

2005 was in my Easter basket, and I think it was Bomonga.

2006 was when I started going all out and getting every set, as well as duplicates for combiner models. I really don’t remember, but it might have been one of the Matoran.

2007 was Pridak, I believe, for Christmas 2006 (because they always showed up earlier than they were supposed to).

2008 may have been Antroz, again early for Christmas.

2009...not sure. Probably another case of early for Christmas.

2010: Skrall. I got him late for Christmas this time, by approximately 6 years.

2015: Pohatu, as a throwback to my first ever set. Walmart.

2016: Terak, I think, but not sure how or where.

Edited by Cheesy Mac n Cheese, Jun 11 2019 - 08:15 AM.

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