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Who Bought fifi2004's Throwbot Sets?

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Hey, everyone.

Some of you may recall fifi2004 sold off most of his sealed sets a few years back. He had complete sets of the Slizer/Throwbot and RoboRider series for sale and while he attempted to sell them as bundles, I know for a fact that he ended up selling them individually.

I'm currently trying to get a hold of him in case he still has any of them left unsold, but in the meantime I'd like to find out, if possible, who he sold these particular sets to:

  • 8505 Amazon
  • 8522 Spark

The latter set has appeared sealed on neither BrickLink nor eBay since about the time fifi2004's copy was sold, which is rather discouraging as I bought his copy of 8521 Flare and would like to have uniform copies of both 8521 and 8522. Here's what his copy supposedly looked like.

I'm almost certain these sets were bought by BZPers, as he hadn't yet listed them on BrickLink at the time. So if you are that person and still keep either set sealed, I'd love to get it off your hands for a fair price.

Anyone who might know something is strongly encouraged to share whatever info they have. Thanks!


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