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Stuck head piece

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So. Um. I made a mistake. I was curious how the hockey figure heads go together and had a shoulder/helmet/mobile uplink piece and a tohunga head and connected them. Anyway now it’s stuck, anyone else make this mistake before? And any ideas how to fix it?

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@Makuta LurokaIn hindsight I have no idea why but as I mentioned I think I was curious to see how the hockey heads went together (the incident actually happened months ago) Definitely a bruh moment when I realised that the pieces weren’t designed to be separated.

@MoarBotar fat oof indeed, I was thinking a metal rod.

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If I'm remembering the piece correctly, there should be a hole at the top that goes all the way down through that axle hole. The head might be in the way, but a paperclip or some other narrow stick should be able to slide down through and push the axle out. Even a minifig lightsaber blade or similar piece should do the trick.

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I've done this by mistake before. It sounds like The 1st Shadow's trick might work, but if I remember correctly, there isn't a corresponding hole for it to go in on the head piece. I don't remember if I was able to undo mine with tweezers, but that's the best advice I can give you. Either that, or only make MOCs using that specific construct from now on.

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On 12/5/2019 at 2:44 PM, Laval- Master of Energy said:

By the way, is that a axle-pin piece in there? It might be part of the problem.

That's what we're trying to remove 


On 12/5/2019 at 7:12 PM, Axelford said:

no it’s not a axle pin, it is a 3’axle 

Um... Bro it's an axle pin that's 3'.....


Anyway, have you tried The 1st Shadow's thing? I feel like that's your best bet-a paperclip or the ink stick inside a pen might work


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