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Wondering about concept art?

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Hi, guys! You ever wonder what was Hero Factory going to have and how come not all sets appeared in the media and why Thresher looks a lot like Bulk in the Dunkan Bulk vs. Vapour set in 2010? Like, what was the concept art and original ideas behind HF? Well, there are some things that I am wondering about: 

1. Were heroes in 2010 supposed to to have its own enemy to fight? There are six heroes and seven villains in 2010. I heard that Thresher was going to be in Bulk's place in the Vapour set, but didn't happen. 

2. Were there going to be direct-to-video movies officially for each storyline, or would each storyline have its own TV season officially, similar to Ninjago? All we saw were 11 22-minutes TV episodes that act like specials. 

3. Was there going to be chapter books that are based on all storylines? There are only the Secret Missions books in 2012-2013. 

4. Were Rotor and Vapor going to have eye holes in their helmets? You think Lego forgot to "punch the holes out" if you know what I mean? 

5. Were Vapor, Core Hunter, XT4, and Thornraxx going to appear in the show and possibly going to have their own episodes to star in as much they being equal to other characters n their storylines in many ways? 

6. Were Bulk and Stinger going to be in Evo's and Nex's roles in Ordeal of Fire? It's like the Toa Nuva from Bionicle 2001-2010. 

7. The comics do show some stuff that would have looked like original ideas, like XPlode blowing up a Hero Pod in Episode 1, Corroder's meeting with Von Nebula in Episode 2, Surge upgrading earlier in Episode 5, and there was a Fangz in Episode 6 rather than a Skorpio. Would each comic book issue be going to be based on each episode? 

8. Was Breez going to be in Savage Planet to try to control the animals? Speaking of animals, was the Witch Doctor going to have a large army of animal minions similar to Makuta's in Bionicle's 2001 storyline? 

9. Were Bulk, Nex, and Breez going to have their Breakout forms in the Breakout episodes? Breez and Bulk look like their 2.0 selves in the Brain Attack episode. 

10. Was the 2014 storyline originally going to be about the Heroes going to fight against their evil counterparts created by the mysterious villains in the Breakout and Brain Attack episodes, and the Heroes defeating the masterminds and destroy their factories once and for all? The 2014 storyline went off trail. 

11. Have Lego planned an official ending for HF? 

12. Was HF going to have some connection with Bionicle 2001-2010 by saying that the Great Beings are the ones who created Mr. Makuro? There are a lot of similarities. 

13. Were there any ideas that could have resolved the unresolved stuff? 

14. Were XT4 and his home planet going to be in the Breakout game? Nex is the only one without a villain to hunt and a planet to explore. Was Breakout inspired by Bionicle's The Legend of Mata Nui, which was cancelled, and Glatorian Arena games (the GA games were made by Unity, which made the Breakout game, after all)? They look awfully similar. 

15. Were Stringer and Nex going to appear in the Brain Attack and Invasion From Below storylines and have their own Brain Attack enemies? They were strangely absent. 

16. Was there going to be a console HF video game? 

17. What were the prototype versions of the sets look like? Xplode and Rotor have extra weapons in Episode 1. 

18. Were there anything changed in the scripts for the TV show and animations models in the show? 

19. Is the idea of having a live-action HF movie reported by The Hollywood Reporter in April or May 2012 cancelled? 

20. Were there going to be DVD releases for all TV episodes. Breakout, Brain Attack, and Invasion From Below Episodes never got them. 


So, yeah. You guys wondering about what was like before HF got something or whatever?

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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HF was a trainwreck from the start. I've never heard anything about DVD releases for the later episodes or anything like that, and the chronic unresolved plotlines just made each episode feel like part of a completely unrelated story. I try to like HF, but ultimately I don't miss it and I'm just not that curious about what it was like behind the scenes, except to explain the bizarre choices it made.

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