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Hapori Tohu

Day 12 - Love is Canon by The Secret Walrus

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Love is Canon Teaser Image
We'll end this series with a model showcasing two fan favorite characters from Bionicle's early years. Anthony Wilson's Love is Canon depicts the relationship between Macku and Hewkii, the power couple Bionicle Gen 1. He does a great job crafting their bodies differently to represent their different element, as well as giving them some nice accessories like Macku's lei and doll. Of course, the eyes behind the masks really add an extra level of expressiveness to the characters and is a great touch. I also like the crab on the base who is rooting for this relationship. Overall, it's a very cute scene!

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In all seriousness... this is adorable. I absolutely love the attention to detail that went into their designs, the way they're fully articulated for maximum poseabiity - unlike any of the canon Matoran sets - and all the little things, like the expressions, that make them feel so believably alive. I like, too, the nice little touch of Macku being taller, while Hewkii has the shorter, stockier build ^^

My respects to the designer; and thanks to the news team, too, for sharing it here on BZP :D

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i've seen this moc off-site and fell in love with it instantly, very cool to see it shared here. i love the idea of little bionicle vignettes like this and it's just adorable too

hewkii x macku 4ever <3

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