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Pearl Dark Gray Pieces in Vezon & Fenrakk

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Hey everyone.

Can anyone who owns Vezon & Fenrakk tell me if their set came with four pearl dark gray 2 x 7 axle and pin connectors for the hind legs or if those parts came in dark bluish gray like BrickLink appears to claim? I recently replaced my broken pearl dark gray pieces with dark bluish gray ones but I'm starting to suspect the BrickLink inventory may be wrong for this set; it lists the pearl dark gray pieces as alternates but I can only find images of the set with these parts and never dark bluish gray parts online.

Thanks. :)


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Um... well, that's quite a way to stretch even my memory! xD

Looking back at a few photos I took of the one I owned, though... yeah, they definitely look to be pearl dark grey on mine, too.

In fact, even a glance at the instructions online show those pieces depicted as pearl dark grey. However... I feel like the confusion may have come from the parts inventory at the end of the instruction booklet, which doesn't appear to make quite the obvious colour distinction that the instructions themselves do. It places the parts in question between the more obviously dark-bluish-grey and pearl-dark-grey pieces, in a colour that could pretty ambiguously be interpreted as either (see image below). This suggests to me that the Bricklink inventorier may have been using said parts listing as their only guide guide, and simply took their best guess at which colour was meant to be represented there.


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They definitely are pearl dark/gunmetal grey. I recently helped a friend rebuild his set just a few months ago, and we specifically had to find the gunmetal ones, not the flat grey ones. Don't know why anything would list them as a color they're not, although as pointed out above, they would look very similar in 2006-era printing in the instructions.

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The pieces are definitely gunmetal grey. They're one of my favorite recolors in the set.

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