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Media Discussion Rules

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#1 Offline Windseeker

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Posted Jan 10 2012 - 09:45 PM

Media Discussion Rules

Welcome to Media Discussion! This topic will serve to present the updated rules of this forum. 

[color=#ff0000;]-- This topic's tag will always reflect the date of the latest update. Information on what was updated will always be found in the "Edited by" line at the bottom of the post. --[/color]

[color=#008080;]Media Discussion vs. Digital Discussion:[/color]I believe it would be prudent to clarify what topics are appropriate to post here, and what ones belong in the apartment below ours. One man's ceiling is another man's floor, as they say. Indeed, it can be difficult to determine a distinction between the two, especially since the definition of "media" is broad and admittedly fuzzy. I will do my best to clarify what goes where below:[color=#008080;]What belongs in Media Discussion:[/color]Topics about LEGO releases not exclusively found in digital format, including: 

    [*]Topics about LEGO movies[*]Topics about LEGO TV shows[*]Topics about LEGO books[*]Topics about LEGO comic books.[/list]

    Please note that by "topics," I am referring to general discussion. In light of that, a note of specifics: discussion of price and availability of releases belongs in Marketplace Banter & Promotions. And it is to be assumed that, in these topics, official LEGO releases will be discussed; your fan-made creations should go in an appropriate forum in the Creative Outlet.And if I may just make one final note: there are existing official topics that cover certain subjects. I will list them at the end.[color=#008080;]What belongs in Digital Discussion:[/color]Topics about LEGO releases found exclusively in digital format, including:

      [*]Topics about LEGO websites[*]Topics about LEGO video games[*]Topics about LEGO music (see the following note for clarification!)[/list]

      [color=#008080;]On the Discussion of Music:[/color]Since no LEGO music has been released officially in any hard-copy form, and is available (usually through the efforts of the fans) only digitally, most music discussion belongs in the Digital Discussion forum. Most, but not all. I would like to attempt to clarify which musical topics belong in this forum, and which topics belong in Digital.[color=#008080;]Which musical topics belong here:[/color]

        [*]Discussion of soundtracks in reference to the media containing them; e.g., a topic discussing the effectiveness of the score in Legends of Metru Nui.[*]Discussion of fictional, fan-proposed soundtracks; e.g., a topic asking what music you would have used for Web of Shadows.[*]Analysis of LEGO-related music.[*]Discussion of the various composers who have scored LEGO media.[/list]

        [color=#008080;]Which musical topics belong in Digital Discussion:[/color]

          [*]Discussion of the actual music files and where to obtain them.[*]Discussion of music found in digital content, such as LEGO video game music.[/list]

          [color=#008080;]Basic Rules:[/color]Follow BZPower's Rules & Guidelines. That's really all there is to say on the matter, but I will list the most important ones:[color=#008080;]Do not flame. [/color]Be respectful; be courteous. Please.[color=#008080;]Do not spam. [/color]Please stay on topic and make sure there is substance to your posts.[color=#008080;]Do not post duplicate topics. [/color]Please use the search feature in the top right-hand corner before posting your topic.[color=#008080;]Use the report button! [/color]Please do not post to correct or reprimand a poster who has broken the rules; simply use the report button below the post to bring it to the moderators' attention.[color=#008080;]Regarding revival: [/color]The revival limit in this forum is thirty days. The forum will not display topics older than this, but they will still be accessible by other means, so do please mind the date of the last post. This does not apply to any pinned or official topics.[color=#008080;]Spoiler Policy:[/color]For the time being, there is no spoiler policy like the old two-week one that we are enforcing in Media Discussion. However, we do ask that you make use of the spoiler tags when discussing new information. The spoiler tags are placed like this:

          [spoiler]Text here.[/spoiler]

          This will appear like so:

          [color=#008080;]Official Topics:[/color]

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#2 Offline Collector1

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Posted Jan 10 2012 - 11:41 PM

Thanks, this helps people to understand with out learning the hard way.Thanks, but I'd like to keep this topic for questions and their answers only. : )-Wind-

Edited by -Windrider-, Jan 14 2012 - 09:22 PM.

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#3 Offline fishers64

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  • 05-July 10
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Posted Jan 15 2012 - 07:52 PM

If I have a topic discussing/analyzing Cyroshell Bionicle songs like "Bye Bye Babylon", would that go here?

Yes, since that would be treating the songs more as media than as digital objects.

Thank You.

Edited by -Windrider-, Jan 17 2012 - 03:26 AM.

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#4 Offline Windseeker

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  • 05-February 03
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Posted Jan 15 2012 - 09:14 PM

Yes, since that would be treating the songs more as media than as digital objects.I will add that kind of topic to the list!

Edited by -Windrider-, Jan 16 2012 - 01:37 AM.

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#5 Offline Hahli Husky

Hahli Husky
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Posted Jul 29 2013 - 01:43 PM

Closed and unpinned regarding the recent merger. :) The consolidated rules topic can be found here.

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