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Hapori Tohu

The Toa Reassembled, Brick by Brick

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Bionicle builders often get teased that our CCBS parts are not "real" LEGO (bricks and studs and "classic"). While many builders incorporate the LEGO "System" into their Bionicle MOCs, there is a certain aesthetic seen with the shells and joints. Keeping that aesthetic in mind, BZP Staff member and upcoming LEGO Masters contestant Aaron recently built the classic Toa Mata strictly out of bricks with nary a shell or oversized joint in sight. Check out all six, where he explains some design choices and challenges in building each character at this scale. One thing that took me a moment to catch is they are all carrying a plant or flower from their respective territory. Whether this is a fashion statement or part of their newest quest, narrative elements like this, and their various satchels for personal items, make these redesigns stand out.

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Oh WOW those are all super-neat! The attention to detail looks quite phenomenal, and I love all the little personalised touches to each design, giving them each such character. Onua and Pohatu immediately stand out to me as my favourites because of their especially unique constructions; perhaps fittingly so, as they were the first two Toa I got, back in the day ^^

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