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Infected Noble Huna

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HelLO tHerE SwEeT ChILd...

So today I visited a secondhand Lego store in my area. They had a small lot of Bionicle parts, with an unusual amount of Noble Huna's. A blue one (and a near complete McToran Maku body to boot, only missing the disk for Love Isn't Canon Day too!), an orange Huna, and the marbled black & silver one from Tehutti. I shoved them all into my parts bag and bought them, only to realize later, upon close inspection the Tehutti Huna was damaged.



Honestly the only way I can describe it, since its not super visible from the photos, is it looks like somebody stepped on it! Ouch! The right side of the mask got stretched out and bent with several scratches. I already have a intact Tehutti Huna from that set, so the gears in my head started turning and I realized this broken piece offered an opportunity to do something unique. I found some Citadel brand paint at a local gaming store, and got to work:





After a few layers of paint (turns out Citadel has some really neat mud textured colors), and I felt I got a really neat broken infected mask. Had to try it out on my G2 Vakama and the Tehutti set:




Now Tehutti:


Here it is side by side with the pristine Tehutti mask I have:


Lastly, alone on a mask stand. Looking at it straight on you can really tell how the right side of the mask (our left) is stretched out due to the damage it has:



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